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The Plant Lover's Guide to Salvias

By John Whittlesey

Lavishly illustrated.

New York Times Book Review

Salvia is a family of flowering plants that can be grown in all regions, either as perennials or annuals. The range of size, color, foliage, and hardiness within the genus is huge, with over 900 species and hundreds of hybrids. They are popular for the vibrancy of their blooms — available in shades ranging from white to near-black — and for their culinary and medicinal uses.

The Plant Lover's Guide to Salvias features everything you need to know to grow this vibrant and fragrant plant. Plant profiles of 150 varieties highlight each plant's type, habitat, size, hardiness, origin, cultivation, and use in the landscape. Additional information includes tips on design, how to grow and propagate salvia, where to view them in public gardens, and where to buy them.

This book is part of the Plant Lover's Guide series on important ornamental plant groups. Written for plant-driven gardeners by recognized experts in the field, the guides offer a great education in ornamental gardening and are abundantly illustrated with inspiring photography of both the plants and gardens that feature them.

Media reviews

"Lavishly illustrated."

New York Times Book Review

"Offers expert guidance."

California Bountiful

"The images throughout are superb ... A good horticultural selection of some of the more recently cultivated salvias."

The Garden

"Visual and informational candy for people who are passionate about plants."

—Mary Beth Breckenridge, Akron Beacon Journal

"Reveals the diversity of this genus."

—Anne Raver, New York Times

"Attractively designed, accessible, with excellent photography and clear typography. The authors clearly know their stuff, and write well ... These books serve as a wide view into narrow subjects in an engaging and attractive way."

—Graham Rice, Transatlantic Gardener

About the author

John Whittlesey

Owner of Canyon Creek Nursery and Design in northern California, John Whittlesey is a nurseryman, garden designer, landscape contractor, and avid amateur photographer. As a specialty grower and a designer, he enjoys interesting plants and creating attractive, water-conserving gardens that provide habitat for people and wildlife.

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