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Pacific Northwest Foraging: 120 Wild and Flavorful Edibles from Alaska Blueberries to Wild Hazelnuts

By Douglas Deur

Doug Deur invites us to discover the taste and history of the Northwest.

Spencer B. Beebe, author of Cache and founder of Ecotrust

The Pacific Northwest is a veritable feast for foragers. The forests, meadows, stream banks, and even the weedy margins of neighborhoods are home to a surprising number of deliciously edible wild plants. Douglas Deur, a lifetime Northwest forager, shares his insights and experiences, showing you what to look for, when and where to look, and how to gather in a responsible way.

Pacific Northwest Foraging is a hardworking guide packed with detailed information and clear photography for the safe identification of more than 120 wild plants. It also features a seasonal guide for foraging year-round and collecting tips for sustainable harvesting. It is applicable to Oregon, Washington, British Columbia, and southeast Alaska.

Media reviews

"Pacific Northwest Foraging may change the way you see the world."

—Valerie Easton, Pacific Northwest Magazine

About the author

Douglas Deur

Based on the Oregon coast, Douglas Deur is a lifelong native plant user devoted to sharing information about the rich biological and cultural heritage of the Pacific Northwest. A research professor at Portland State University, he serves as cultural ecologist for American tribes and Canadian First Nations, and for the National Park Service and other agencies.

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