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The Less Is More Garden: Big Ideas for Designing Your Small Yard

By Susan Morrison

Yes, your minuscule yard can look this magical.…​take a cue from gardening expert Susan Morrison.

Architectural Digest

When it comes to gardens, bigger isn’t always better. A smaller space requires fewer plants and less time to design, install, and maintain. The Less Is More Garden shows you how to take advantage of every square foot of space. Designer Susan Morrison offers savvy tips to match your landscape to your lifestyle, draws on years of experience to recommend smart plants with seasonal interest, and suggests hardscape materials to personalize your space. Inspiring photographs highlight a variety of inspiring small-space designs from around the country. With The Less Is More Garden, you’ll see how limited space can mean unlimited opportunities for gorgeous garden design.

Media reviews

"Garden designer Morrison explains that the wonder of the small garden arises from its high degree of outdoor pleasure combined with the benefits of intimacy, manageability, and individuality. Her illuminating new book shows garden lovers the way to achieve the full measure of this effect.…​The inviting use of more than 260 color photographs, in conjunction with planting charts and sample illustrations, creates an inspiring vision for even the most humble gardener who hopes to create a version of sustainable paradise."

Publishers Weekly

"Yes, your minuscule yard can look this magical.…​take a cue from gardening expert Susan Morrison."

Architectural Digest

"Whether you’re designing your first garden on a small lot or downsizing from a large garden to a smaller space, you’ll find practical and helpful planning advice and inspirational photos in The Less Is More Garden."


"Inspiration on just about every page."

Star Tribune

"Delivers what it promises—big ideas.…​In design, constraints such as limited space often inspire creative solutions and great ideas. Morrison’s work is evidence of this premise, although I suspect she would shine in any setting."

NYBG Plant Talk

"Loaded with style-savvy tips, plants that promise seasonal interest, and hardscape ideas for small gardens. Case studies offer plenty of inspiring fodder ... both for homeowners and for designers."

California Landscape Design

"Gives homeowners, gardeners, and plant enthusiasts solid ideas to help transform small gardens into a personalized, thoughtful, and unique destinations. Through well-chosen pictorial examples, and the comprehensive coverage of the major design considerations, Morrison demonstrates that an inviting, detailed, family-friendly, and even lush garden can be created with minimal space."


"This book by Susan Morrison will give you big ideas for your small garden."

Garden Design

"An excellent resource for making gorgeous smaller gardens."

Country Gardens

"Numerous practical ideas for fine-tuning the design of [your] outdoor world."

A Way to Garden

"Morrison’s practical, readable style expands on key points via case studies and illustrations anyone can relate to. The book is full of light-bulb moments. You find yourself thinking, ‘Why, yes, of course,’ while wondering why such terrific insights on gardens, design, and outdoor enhancements hadn’t dawned on you before."

Gardening Gone Wild

"So good I’d recommend it to professional designers as well as homeowners—we all need fresh inspiration and this book has that in abundance."

Le Jardinet

About the author

Susan Morrison

Susan Morrison is a nationally recognized landscape designer and authority on small-space garden design. She has shared her strategies on the PBS series Growing a Greener World and in publications such as Fine Gardening. Morrison has also served as editor-in-chief of The Designer, a digital magazine produced by the Association of Professional Landscape Designers.

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