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Japanese Maples: The Complete Guide to Selection and Cultivation (Fourth Edition)

By J. D. Vertrees and Peter Gregory

The ultimate book about the aristocrat of trees.

The Washington Post

Japanese maples are unlike any other tree. They boast a remarkable diversity of color, form, and texture. As a result of hundreds of years of careful breeding, they take the center stage in any garden they are found.

In the last decade, the number of Japanese maple cultivars available to gardeners has doubled and there is a pressing need for an up-to-date reference. Japanese Maples is a classic. It was one of the first books published by Timber Press, and boasts over 150,000 copies in print. This new fourth edition offers detailed descriptions of over 150 new introductions, updates to plant nomenclature, and new insights into established favorites. Gardeners will relish the practical advice that puts successful cultivation within everyone's grasp. Accurate identification is made simple with over 600 easy-to-follow descriptions and 500 color photographs.

Media reviews

"Whether you are already a Japanese maple aficionado or looking to dip your toe into this colorful diverse world Japanese Maples is far and away the best-written and most comprehensive guide."

—Anthony S. Aiello, American Gardener

"The comprehensive information on the growing of Japanese maples is extremely valuable and well done. ... Their care, preservation, and propagation are fully and expertly documented herein."

American Reference Books Annual

About the authors

J. D. Vertrees

J. D. Vertrees (1915–1993) was an entomologist, nurseryman, and educator who collected rare and unusual maples. At one time, his 1½-acre arboretum at Maplewood Nursery in Roseburg, Oregon, had the largest collection of Japanese maples in the United States.

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Peter Gregory

Peter Gregory, retired manager of the world-famous Westonbirt Arboretum in Gloucestershire, England, has researched maples and other trees for more than 40 years. He has continued his studies of maples since his retirement, becoming Chairman of the international Maple Society and Editor of the Society's quarterly journal. He is recognized internationally as one of the leading authorities in all aspects of maples.

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