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How to Eradicate Invasive Plants

By Teri Dunn Chace

Every garden shed should have a copy of this book. The wisdom that it wields will hold the invaders at the gate.

Roger B. Swain, host of The Victory Garden

Invasive plants — like kudzu, ragweed, and Himalayan blackberry — are a growing threat to our home landscapes, affecting native plants and wildlife. And they don't go away on their own.

Luckily, How to Eradicate Invasive Plants offers clear, easy-to-use solutions to these problem plants. It shows you how to recognize the invasive plant and offers eradication options — from simple, organic approaches to the safest and most responsible ways to use chemicals.

This comprehensive guide includes all types of invasive plants: water and bog plants; annuals, biennials, and tropical perennials; herbaceous perennials; grasses and bamboos; and vines, shrubs, and trees.

Media reviews

"This book will help you identify invasive plants of all kinds and get to know their swift and often subtle ways of seizing an opportunity to spread through a garden."

Better Homes & Gardens Deck, Patio & Outdoor Living

About the author

Teri Dunn Chace

Teri Dunn Chace is a writer and editor with more than 30 titles in publication, including Seeing Trees, How to Eradicate Invasive Plants, and The Anxious Gardener's Book of Answers. She's also written and edited extensively for Horticulture, North American Gardener, Backyard Living, and Birds & Blooms.

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