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urban garden

Permaculture for any space

March 31, 2017

To determine the best placement for plantings and structures, permaculture offers you a way to look at the garden in terms of zones, and there are sustainable options for gardens of every size.

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Are you wasting energy?

March 31, 2017

For existing buildings, an energy audit is a great place to start. You can do your own simple energy audit or have a professional consultant do a more thorough, technical job. Some cities, states, and utilities offer incentives for doing an energy audit on your home. Ultimately, an energy audit will tell you where inefficiencies […]

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Handmade balcony garden

February 1, 2017

This shiny, sleek planter—actually a modified length of pedestrian galvanized gutter—takes up little room on a tiny balcony but contributes flash and a lively mix of color and texture. The resulting contemporary composition is stylish and hip—a far cry from planting an old boot.

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Growing epimediums in pots and containers

April 13, 2015

Tips for growing this popular plant in smaller spaces from the author of The Plant Lover’s Guide to Epimediums. Gardens are getting increasingly smaller in this modern world. At one time, every house would have been built with a garden for children to play on the grass, for growing vegetables, and for relaxing with friends. […]

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Community garden activities for all-season fun!

January 8, 2015

Start a Community Food Garden author LaManda Joy’s tips on how to keep community gardeners engaged and entertained. Each season brings its challenges and opportunities. The needs of the growing season naturally dictate potential activities or programs, and during your busy building and planting season, there are lots of reasons for people to be together […]

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Thinking outside the pot: 3 quick tips for planting in unusual containers

March 19, 2012

Today’s guest post comes from Kerry Michaels, who writes regularly at About.com for the Container Gardening section. In her post below, she offers three important tips for using unusual containers for your plants.  Almost anything can be used to make a container garden—from a thimble to a bathtub, from old buckets to patent leather stilettos. […]

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Do more with less on a balcony garden

February 28, 2012

I’m excited to welcome Fern Richardson to the Timber blog today! Her new book, Small-Space Container Gardens, is available now–and we’re offering a chance to win a container garden kit and a copy of the book. Some people think it’s not really worth it to grow your own food if your only potential garden space is an […]

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My Garden, the City and Me

June 2, 2011

We are happy to announce the upcoming release of My Garden, the City and Me by Helen Babbs. Babbs is a self-proclaimed city girl who lives on the second floor of a flat in a chaotic corner of London. An urge to find more green in the city and a stronger connection to the natural world leads […]

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Succulent Container Gardens

March 12, 2010

As a member of the Official Group of People Who Like Succulents, I was as pleased and inspired as anyone when Debra Lee Baldwin’s new book, Succulent Container Gardens, came out. (I had the added perk of seeing the book far in advance of the actual publication date, too. Ah, the advantages of working in […]

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