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tovah martin

Houseplant calendar

August 19, 2015

The Indestructible Houseplant author Tovah Martin details what keeps plants happy, season by season. Gardening is all about syncopation. Although you should not be a slave to a watering schedule, it’s helpful to think about what you should do and when to do it. Unlike your garden outdoors, the pattern isn’t always obvious, even though […]

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Indestructible: 3 houseplants that anyone can grow

August 14, 2015

The Indestructible Houseplant author Tovah Martin shares three of her favorite ‘unkillable’ plants for home or office.

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The Unexpected Houseplant: A wish list

September 20, 2013

The thing I like most about Tovah Martin is that she doesn’t make a distinction between outdoor and indoor gardening. They are both simply elements of the same continuum. For her, the end of the outdoor garden season is only the beginning of the indoor garden season. But what about those of us with no […]

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Pruning houseplants

September 18, 2013

__________ Not everyone loves to prune, but I do. My mother-in-law used to rant, “How would you feel if someone cut off all your fingers and toes?” after I went on a pruning spree. But when the begonias (or whatever) bristled with new growth, she beamed. I like to keep a tight ship. And I […]

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An unexpected houseplant—an unexpected gift for mom

May 9, 2013

Because she nurtured you from a seedling and gave you a comfy home, what could be a better gift for your mom than a houseplant? But because no two mothers are alike, here are a few ideas for houseplants that cover all the bases:

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Tovah Martin on the roots of her obsession

October 2, 2012

Every gardener has a compelling story and we’ve collected thirty of them from some of the most notable gardeners working today. The Roots of My Obsession shows that gardening is a passion and obsession that cannot be conquered or abandoned, only indulged. Before I could even walk, I was crawling into the garden, I guess. […]

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Houseplants as eye-candy? See for yourself.

August 15, 2012

While fawning over Tovah Martin and her new book, as well as attempting to get our readers hooked on indoor gardening, we may have failed to mention how inspirational the photography is in The Unexpected Houseplant. Allow us to correct that.

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An interview with Tovah Martin of The Unexpected Houseplant

August 14, 2012

Tovah Martin emerged from 25 years working at Logee’s Greenhouses with a serious houseplant addiction. But before you offer to be her 12-step program sponsor, you might want to read her new book, The Unexpected Houseplant. Luckily for us, Tovah is still hooked. And anyway, she remains unapologetic. In fact, she wants to convert you. […]

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