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seeing flowers

Nature photography hacks with Robert Llewellyn

October 9, 2017

“If it looks familiar, it is not new.” —Robert Llewellyn

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Teri Chace on being a garden writer

December 13, 2013

Teri Dunn Chace knows what it takes to be a garden writer. With more than 30 titles under her name and a résumé that reads like a who’s who of garden publications, there isn’t much about gardening she hasn’t tackled as a writer. Even so, she admits the greatest challenge to being a garden writer […]

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Seeing Flowers through the photography of Robert Llewellyn

December 7, 2013

All my life, I have been looking at, prodding, poking, sniffing, and plucking at plants. These are habits born of long hours outdoors. I remember, as a very small girl in suburban southern California, squinting at and then tugging on a passionflower vine coming over our fence from the neighbor’s yard. It was so mysterious, […]

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Guess that flower

October 1, 2013

In Seeing Flowers, the photography of Robert Llewellyn helps us see flowers in a whole new way. Using a unique process that far surpasses conventional macro photography, his pictures give us a bee’s-eye view of these remarkable plants. See if you can identify the flowers in the pictures below. Answers after the jump. Ox-eye daisy […]

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Pinks, as you’ve never seen them before

September 30, 2013

Often the very first thing you notice about pinks is their delicious, spicy-sweet scent, so reminiscent of freshly ground cloves. One whiff might send you back to your grandma’s kitchen during holiday baking time, but when you open your eyes again, you’re in the summer sunshine. Pinks, carnations, Sweet Williams, and all manner of dianthus […]

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