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Functional elements for modern garden design

July 24, 2017

Modern gardens need to be multifunctional. To create a garden space that is fully utilized, it’s important the design includes thoughtfully-placed landscaping details like paths, edging, driveways, terraces, and water features.

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Tips for creating a corner garden

January 27, 2017

New to gardening or starting fresh with a new space? Spend fewer hours and a minimal amount of money by tackling one small area of your yard at a time. Sally Roth shares her quick tips and tricks for beginning to beautify those problematic corners.

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Greenhouse seedlings

November 10, 2016

If you’ve ever tried to germinate seeds or grow cuttings on a windowsill, you’ll appreciate what a joy it is to perform these tasks in your greenhouse. The Greenhouse Gardener’s Manual author, Roger Marshall, shares insight for starting seeds in a winter greenhouse.

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7 simple steps to planting your favorite spring-flowering bulbs

November 20, 2014

_____ Click image to view larger. Visit the Timber Press Scribd page for a print-ready version of this graphic (and more!). Inspired by Daffodil: The Remarkable Story of the World’s Most Popular Flower by Noel Kingsbury _____  

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Signature planting: developing an identity

December 7, 2013

The idea of signature is a strong one in the art world, the distinctive stamp of an artist or maker. Good garden designers have all developed a very strong signature, so that the knowledgeable could probably recognize one of their gardens if they were parachuted into one they had not seen before. Gardens too can […]

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Natives and exotics: Noel Kingsbury and Piet Oudolf weigh in on the debate

December 3, 2013

The long-standing debate over the role of native and exotic (introduced) species continues, with an unfortunate tendency toward adopting entrenched positions in some countries (such as the USA) or arousing little interest in others (Japan). The key issue is the role of plants in gardens and designed landscapes to contribute to biodiversity by supporting food […]

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Making a green roof: Do-it-yourself or hire a company?

April 25, 2012

In honor of Earth Day and National Arbor Day, we’re giving away a collection of six of our books for eco-friendly gardeners this week. To enter, leave a comment on any post this week and we’ll choose a winner on Friday.* “Green roofs are a simple concept. If you can keep the plants and soil on […]

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10 things I hate about your yard: Part one

January 25, 2012

Today, we’re posting the first part of a two-part series from garden writer C.L. Fornari! She discusses the 10 biggest garden pet peeves that she sees in her neighbor’s landscapes. You can visit her on her blog, Whole Life Gardening. The Garden Lady talks about what not to do: 1. Winter Upholstery Yes, in northern areas […]

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The Gardener’s Guide to Cactus

January 20, 2012

I’m excited to announce that The Gardener’s Guide to Cactus by Scott Calhoun is now available! Here’s a sneak peek into this new book: At last: a book that shows readers just how easy, hardy, and rewarding cactus can be for everyone — not just specialists. Succulent plant expert Scott Calhoun picks 100 of the best cactus […]

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