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9 advantages of gardening with self-seeders

September 2, 2015

9 good reasons to consider Cultivating Chaos. Traditional gardening has worked successfully for centuries, so why would you want to change the way you have always gardened? This is a legitimate question, but times have changed and so have our ideas and desired outcomes for gardens. Here are some of the advantages of gardening with […]

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A wildlife-friendly garden

April 26, 2012

In honor of Earth Day and National Arbor Day, we’re giving away a collection of six of our books for eco-friendly gardeners this week. To enter, leave a comment on any post this week and we’ll choose a winner on Friday.* ~~~~~ A vital but often misunderstood element of building an eco-friendly garden is one that is […]

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Little House on the Praire-style garden

October 28, 2010

Our new book Prairie-Style Gardens has an intriguing subtitle: Capturing the Essence of the American Prairie Wherever You Live. Who wouldn’t want to do that? When I think of the prairie, my mind runs to wide expanses of space, big blue sky, and wildflowers. And I would love to capture even a bit of that […]

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How to make your garden come to life—wildlife, that is

June 28, 2010

I was heartened to read an article by Joe Lamp’l in which he quotes Timber author, Doug Tallamy. Not because Joe is a superstar in the world of gardening (which he is), and not because Doug’s book, Bringing Nature Home, is one of my favorites (which it is), but because the article has some recommendations […]

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