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Why you need to add lavender to your herb garden

May 22, 2017

Edible herb gardens are as trendy as they are useful, and lavender can add color, fragrance, and a distinct floral flavor. With these suggestions for the best culinary varieties and three delicious lavender-obsessed recipes, you’ll be adding lavender to the mix immediately!

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Afternoon pick me up tea recipe

March 15, 2017

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Make the most of fresh herbs with this simple syrup

February 4, 2016

In Culinary Herbal, authors Susan Belsinger and Arthur O. Tucker detail how to grow and preserve 97 of the most flavorful herbs. Here, they share a recipe for simple syrup, used in beverages and fruit salads, or on desserts from ice cream to cake.

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How to make lavender wands

August 29, 2013

Lavender wands, also called lavender bottles, were fashioned in Victorian times for scenting drawers and cabinets. Thankfully, they are making a comeback. Lavender wands are worth the effort it takes to make them because they allow you to encase the scent of lavender in ribbon and enjoy the fragrance for years to come. Taking the […]

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Harvesting and drying lavender

August 28, 2013

A first-year lavender plant will produce only a few stems, and it is best to trim these before they flower completely to strengthen the plant. By year two, your lavender will normally double in size and will produce two or three small bunches, depending on the type of lavender. From year two to year three, […]

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Lavender: Sarah Berringer Bader’s picks for best bloomers, hedges, containers, and strongest scent

August 27, 2013

When it comes to lavender there are plenty of choices. With more than 450 named varieties and more being discovered all the time, deciding which one is right for you can be a challenge. In The Lavender Lover’s Handbook, author Sarah Berringer Bader details 100 of the most beautiful and fragrant varieties. She also provides […]

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Chicken-resistant plants

January 18, 2012

Chicken-Resistant Plants What about beautiful plants for our gardens that are chicken-resistant? Chickens simply avoid many ornamental plants. Of course, there will always be exceptions with animals, because they have different taste preferences and attitudes. Chickens usually do much more damage with their feet than with their beaks, and often they ignore plants altogether. As […]

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A magic carpet of thyme

July 18, 2011

The following excerpt is one of many fun ideas from Ivette Soler’s The Edible Front Yard: Make a patterned carpet in your edible garden by planting different varieties of thyme in contrasting colors, leaf shapes, and growth habits. Consider how the colors mix and mingle in a complex Persian carpet. Then take that spirit into […]

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