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donald olson

Everything you need to know to tour the Bay’s Filoli garden estate

July 28, 2017

William Bowers Bourn had a credo: “To fight for a just cause; to love your fellow man; to live a good life.” Take the first two letters of “fight,” “love,” and “live” and what do you have? Filoli, the extraordinary garden estate Bourn built about thirty miles south of San Francisco. With its Gilded Age […]

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Best public gardens in the Pacific Northwest: 1 down, 59 to go

September 17, 2014

The Timber Press office takes a field trip to the Portland Japanese Gardens, one of the many featured in The Pacific Northwest Garden Tour. Donald Olson came from a place where “gardens were yards with mowed grass, shade trees, a few hardy shrubs, and not much else.” Arriving in the Pacific Northwest, the “luxurious abandon” […]

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