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Crafts that combine your love of books and plants

January 26, 2017

There is no shortage of Pinterest-worthy inspiration for decorating with plants or books, but what about innovative ways to spotlight plants and books? Enter the magical, miniature worlds of Terrarium Craft. With two crafts combining plants and books together, our home décor can flourish with life and literature.

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Evolution of a book cover

June 5, 2015

Don’t judge a book by it’s cover. Or so the saying goes. But people do it anyway, a fact we’re keenly aware of here at Timber Press. Our book covers go through an intensive approval process in which we fret over every element: Is the title descriptive enough? Would a subtitle help? Does the image […]

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Cultivating Garden Style: Getting inspired

October 17, 2014

Cultivating Garden Style author Rochelle Greayer shares her strategy for design inspiration. Who wants a cookie cutter house anymore? No one I know. It is much more fun to let your character and taste shine through. We express our personal style every day in the choices we make: clothes, home decor, food, and products we […]

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8 dahlias for maximum color

May 8, 2014

With so many dahlias to choose from, where does a gardener begin? Andy Vernon starts with color. He’s collected his personal favorites in The Plant Lover’s Guide to Dahlias, and while he extols their many virtues, it’s the numerous shades, tints, and tones Andy finds most endearing, and which are responsible for the flower’s dramatic, […]

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