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christopher shein

Permaculture for any space

March 31, 2017

To determine the best placement for plantings and structures, permaculture offers you a way to look at the garden in terms of zones, and there are sustainable options for gardens of every size.

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Brew your own liquid fertilizer

March 19, 2013

Rather than bringing in commercial fertilizer, you can make your own on a weekly or monthly basis by taking certain nutrient-rich plants and brewing them into a watersoluble plant food. Making your own liquid fertilizers is another way to use and value renewable resources. Apply the fertilizers regularly to heavy feeders during the spring and […]

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The 12 principles of permaculture

February 21, 2013

One way permaculture differs from other methods of gardening is that it is not just a set of practical techniques; it is a way of thinking and of adapting to a particular ecology. Whether you are starting a new garden, or introducing permaculture practices to an existing garden, these principles will help you to understand […]

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