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andy mcindoe

The Creative Shrub Garden: Mediterranean style

October 6, 2014

Drought-tolerant shrubs in an easy-to-care-for scheme for a sunny spot. Picture the warm tones of the Mediterranean landscape: red-brown soil and sand-coloured rock blend with low-mounded shrubs adapted to withstand the summer sun, heat, and exposure. To resist desiccation in times of drought, some have small, tough leaves while others sport silver foliage. Colourful flowers […]

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Create a mood with The Creative Shrub Garden: Warm and relaxing

September 25, 2014

You can find more creative shrub mood schemes in Andy McIndoe’s new book, The Creative Shrub Garden. The colours in this scheme recall a warm summer’s afternoon in the garden. They are easy-to-live-with shades that create a relaxed and dreamy mood in the planting. These are the subtle hues that many of us are drawn […]

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