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Make your own seasonings and rubs

February 1, 2017

Drying is the oldest and geographically universal way to preserve pepper pods, and it works well for most peppers—except for the very meaty ones such as jalapeños, which are smoke-dried and called chipotles. Using dried peppers, store-bought or grown and preserved from scratch, you can add delicious heat to any dish.

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Mayacoba Bean Salad

January 26, 2017

You may have heard of Steve Sando and his company Rancho Gordo from features and recipe roundups in everything from The New York Times to Bon Appétit. Thomas Keller of The French Laundry swears by Sando’s products, but the leader of the heirloom revolution says it best himself: As you cook these heirloom beans and other grains […]

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Crab, pork, and Napa cabbage dumplings for luck

January 26, 2017

Chinese vegetables play a large, enchanting role in symbolic meals and traditions, especially around the Lunar New Year, which always falls near the end of winter and is the biggest celebration in Hong Kong, China, and much of Asia.

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3 of the best herbs to grow and eat this year

January 17, 2017

Every January, hundreds of blogs spotlight the foods we need to cut out to live happier, healthier lives. Rather than denying ourselves, we want to use the #NewYearNewYou mentality to enjoy more of our favorite foods by mindfully integrating healthful herbs. With valuable insight from The Culinary Herbal and The Herbal Apothecary, we can all cook flavorful, rejuvenating dishes […]

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An interview with Wendy Kiang-Spray

November 22, 2016

“I think most gardeners could tell a life story based on their changing gardens.” —Wendy Kiang-Spray

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Holiday stress-relief

November 10, 2016

The most important herbs on your shopping list aren’t for dinner—chamomile, clove, basil, and orange provide powerful stress-relief aromatherapy. This holiday season, step into the garden or the pantry for a few cleansing breaths with a few of the fragrant plants featured in Kathi Keville’s bestselling book, The Aromatherapy Garden: Growing Fragrant Plants for Happiness and […]

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Recipes to “fall back” on

October 20, 2016

In November we “fall back,” gaining an hour of daylight  back to wrap up our fall harvests and put our gardens to bed. Here are some of our favorite Timber Press recipes for using those late summer and autumn harvests to their fullest potential:

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Apple-picking season: What to reach for

October 4, 2016

Whether you’re heading out to the local u-pick farm, maintaining your home orchard, or making plans to plant your first apple trees, Tom Burford’s guide, Apples of North America, is a must-have, especially in fall. Here are some of the best varieties for planting and picking this season:

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Delicious, easy ways to preserve your herbs

September 25, 2016

As summer comes to an end, preserve your flavorful garden herbs with “sage” advice from Susan Belsinger and Arthur O. Tucker, the experts behind the gorgeously photographed and comprehensive guide to everything verdant in the kitchen: The Culinary Herbal.

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Mushrooms of the Rocky Mountain Region: Habitats and fruiting times

February 29, 2016

From Mushrooms of the Rocky Mountain Region, an introduction to where and when to find the region’s most interesting and ecologically important mushrooms. The Rocky Mountains rise out of the prairies and plains of western North America to elevations of more than 14,000 feet in Colorado, creating a diverse terrain that ranges from shortgrass prairies […]

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