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Gardening gifts for every budget

by Timber Press on December 11, 2017

in Gardening

We always plan to make a thoughtful DIY craft, but inevitably things gets busy, and we have to make some last-minute purchases. Using some of our favorite Timber Press titles for inspiration, we’re made of list of the best gifts for the gardening, plant-loving friends and family you celebrate:

Less Than $10

Heirloom Bok Choy Seeds



Cute Cacti and Succulent Washi Tape


Eco-Friendly Pots


Less Than $25

 Crafty Hanging Planters


Adorable Garden Markers


Hand-Potted Succulents

Less Than $50

Adopt a High Line plant in her name


Durable Leather Work Gloves

A Sweet Glass Terrarium Kit


Less Than $100

A Vintage Produce Basket


The Perfect Owl House


Artisan Gardening Sheers


A Luxury Potting Bench


The Sunbubble Greenhouse


A Living Aquaponic Garden

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