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What’s Wrong with My Vegetable Garden?

by Timber Press on December 8, 2011

in Design, Gardening

What’s Wrong with My Vegetable Garden? by David Deardorff and Kathryn Wadsworth is now available! The authors’ previously published book, What’s Wrong with My Plant? has become a valuable resource for gardeners, and this new book will be a welcome guide for any veggie grower. Be sure to visit the authors’ blog for thoughts about their new book!

More and more home gardeners are discovering the rewards of growing their own vegetables. But along with the pleasures of homegrown produce come a host of problems: bugs, diseases, and mysterious ailments that don’t have an obvious cause. What’s a gardener to do?

Don’t panic — help is at hand. What’s Wrong With My Vegetable Garden? teaches you how to keep your vegetables healthy so they’re less susceptible to attack, and when problems do occur, it shows you how to recognize the problem and find the right organic solution.

If you care about raising the freshest, healthiest, most problem-free vegetables possible, then What’s Wrong With My Vegetable Garden? will quickly become one of your most essential tools.

In the polyctulture garden each plant’s nearest neighbor is different from itself, so pets can’t find their favorite food, and diseases don’t run rampant through the garden.

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