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9/11 Memorial

by timber press on September 12, 2011

in Design

As I’m sure all of you know, this past Sunday was the 10th anniversary of September 11th, 2001. In honor of the victims of this tragedy, the site for the Twin Towers has been developed into a memorial.

Occupying a 16-acre site, the memorial is “one of the most eco-friendly plazas ever constructed.” Two large pools and waterfalls are the focal point of the space, and over 400 trees surround the pools. These trees are a perfect representation of growth and rebirth, and offer a beautiful sense of nature in a vast urban space.

Choosing the trees was a special project for the memorial designers. They wanted to showcase the unique vitality of the site and remind visitors of the individual lives lost on the day of the tragedy. Swamp white oaks were chosen “because of their durability and leaf color.” These trees can grow up to 60 feet in height, and “will never be identical, growing at different heights and changing leaves at different times, a physical reminder that they are living individuals.”

Image via 9/11memorial.org

Image via Garden Design

Image via Garden Design

Image via Garden Design

You can read more about the memorial in this article from Garden Design, as well as the official 9/11 Memorial site.

Source: http://www.911memorial.org/

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