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Timber authors on lawn alternatives

by Timber Press on August 29, 2011

in Design, Gardening

This month on Garden Designers Roundtable, garden writers are discussing lawn alternatives. Several members of the Lawn Reform Coalition are also sharing their insight on promoting a different kind of yard. These gardeners have a variety of suggestions on changing blankets of turf grass to something more beautiful, natural, and lower maintenance.

Image via Gardening Gone Wild

Three Timber authors have shared their thoughts on lawn alternatives during this month-long series:

Evelyn Hadden, author of the upcoming book Beautiful No-Mow Yards and member of the Lawn Reform Coalition, writes about how homeowners can convert ditches in their landscape into a low-maintenance garden. Instead of covering the ditch with grass and precariously mowing the area, gardeners could plant a Swale Garden. These types of gardens help channel storm-water runoff, benefiting both the yard and local environment.

Ivette Soler, author of The Edible Front Yard, writes on her blog, The Germinatrix, about incorporating interesting plants and edibles into her front yard. When she first moved into her home, she knew she wanted something different. Her front yard is now a succulent, drought-tolerant landscape that houses raised edible beds.

Saxon Holt, author and photographer of The American Meadow Garden encourages homeowners to creatively express themselves in the garden. A turf lawn is boring—why not plant a garden that is easy to maintain and fun to take care of? There are so many options for homeowners to choose from, and a lawn is space that could potentially be a flowering and fruitful garden.

Image via The Germinatrix

See the full list of garden writers and their ideas for lawn alternatives on The Garden Designers Roundtable.

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