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Front yard food-fight

by Timber Press on July 11, 2011

in Food, Gardening

Here at Timber, we like to think that creative gardening can be just as rewarding as traditional ways of growing. We’ve recently published Small Green Roofs and The Edible Front Yard, each of which explore interesting ways of incorporating green space into a landscape. So, I was surprised to learn that front yard gardening has come under fire in certain areas of the country.

Recently, a Michigan woman’s plight with city officials has been a hot topic of discussion among garden bloggers. Susan Harris of Garden Rant has shared her thoughts on the issue and Timber author Ivette Soler has spoken out as well. Ivette discusses how she’s experienced firsthand the protests of distraught neighbors who balk at the removal of a front lawn.

Julie Bass, the front yard grower, has earned many supporters and chronicles her efforts to keep veggies on her own blog. I have to say, promoting healthy eating with locally grown vegetables doesn’t seem like a criminal offense to me. I hope that Julie wins the fight to keep her garden, and that her dedication inspires gardeners everywhere to enjoy a bounty in their front yard.

If her commitment has inspired you to try a front yard garden, be sure to check out The Edible Front Yard.

The Edible Front Yard isn’t about the typical veggie garden, and author Ivette Soler is passionate about putting edibles up front and creating edible gardens with curb appeal.

Soler offers step-by-step instructions for converting all or part of a lawn into an edible paradise; specific guidelines for selecting and planting the most attractive edible plants; and design advice and plans for the best placement and for combining edibles with ornamentals in pleasing ways. Inspiring and accessible, The Edible Front Yard is a one-stop resource for a front-and-center edible garden that is both beautiful and bountiful year-round.

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