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Starting a garden has never been easier

by Timber Press on May 19, 2010

in Design, Gardening

Last week our intern, Katy Drawhorn, gave you a peek inside The Nonstop Garden through quotes and by paraphrasing the wisdom of authors Stephanie Cohen and Jennifer Benner. This week Katy is back to give you the inside scoop on how to plan your very own nonstop garden.

Now that you’ve begun to think of your garden in terms of rooms and you’ve gotten to know your site, it’s time to draft up a plan. Cohen and Benner say: “Before a shovel even touches the ground, make sure you sketch a plan. It may be a dreaded four-letter word, but a plan will keep you from getting distracted, overwhelmed, and veering off track.”

A plan can be limitless and customized to the garden and the gardener. The more specific the plan is the easier it will be to execute. Your plan doesn’t have to be technical or professional in appearance. If drawing just seems too daunting a task you can simplify this process by first sketching outlines of your beds and then cutting out plants from catalogs and pasting them on the plan.

Want a plan example? About a year ago, book designer and blogger Anna Dorfman posted a photo of her barren backyard along with a couple of idea proposals to her blog, Door Sixteen.  Her posting garnered forty-five comments and from these ideas and suggestions she crafted this plan.

This month Anna and her husband have begun to implement their plan. As is the nature of any successful plan, Anna’s has changed from conception to execution.

Cohen and Benner say that we can’t know if our plan will work unless we test it. We expect our gardens to grow, why should we expect any less of our plans?

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