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Fearless color gardens

by timber press on December 3, 2009

in Gardening

Keeyla Meadows’ book, Fearless Color Gardens, just started shipping out from our warehouses this week. This is a book that pops out of your bookshelf — as the title suggests, it is about color, and a wild, bursting, brilliant cacophony of color, too.

I have been thinking about color lately, as we enter a season that, for many people, is made up of muted colors. You are left with form: seedheads, the branches of trees, and the silhouettes of dead vegetables (if you’re like me and took a casual approach to end-of-season cleanup.) Sometimes it feels like the only color is the scarf around your neck. If you find yourself taking your scarves outside to drape over the garden for relief from the grey — give your dry-cleaning bill a break, and look through Keeyla’s book instead.

I was a bit taken aback by the book at first. It is so VERY colorful! There are sculptures, striking and startling plant combinations, painted benches, and a strong sense of  how much Keeyla loves color, and how much she wants other people to love color too. She includes color exercises – painting pots, working with her color triangle, and planting color themed gardens. The book is playful, whimsical, welcoming, and giddy with color. Some of the gardens are just the sort of thing a Dr. Seuss character would plant. (The Cat in the Hat, maybe?)Fearless Color Gardens 2



As I flipped through the book, it was almost impossible not to become excited about the many, many ways that I could use color in my own garden — which, as I mentioned, is currently kind of subdued and filled with chilly vegetables. The gardens in this book are so vibrant, the sort of gardens that would give you joy by their sheer exuberance. And during the days of February, I, for one, will be in need of some exuberance.

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