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Speakers from the United Kingdom

Douglas Coltart

Douglas Coltart has 15 years of garden and landscape design experience in both private and public organizations. He is known for his imaginative and often large-scale gardening schemes with an innovative use of space and materials combined with subtle planting schemes.

Nigel Dunnett

Nigel Dunnett is a Reader in Urban Horticulture in the landscape department at the University of Sheffield, where he has developed innovative research programs on naturalistic and ecologically informed planting for gardens and public landscapes. He is director of The Green Roof Centre, Sheffield, and acts widely as a consultant on green roof design and planting, and sustainable garden and landscape design in general.

Aljos Farjon

Aljos Farjon regularly contributes to botanical scientific journals and has published ten books and more than 120 papers mainly on conifers. He is an honorary research associate with Kew Gardens and is a member of the International Dendrology Society.

Jake Hobson

Jake Hobson draws upon experience with Japanese gardens and landscaping having spent two years working at a traditional nursery in the countryside outside of Osaka, Japan. He delivers lectures on Japanese pruning techniques throughout the U.K.

Noel Kingsbury

Noel Kingsbury is a well-known designer, commentator, and writer on plants, gardens, landscape, and the environment. A a passionate advocate for sustainable plant combinations, he trials plants and gardens at his home on the border between England and Wales and travels widely.

Malcolm McGregor

Malcolm McGregor is a professional teacher and has grown saxifrages for almost 25 years. An enthusiastic lecturer on alpine plants and gardening, he has twice undertaken lecture tours across North America for the North American Rock Garden Club.

Graham Rice

Graham Rice is a distinguished international garden writer and is unique in having won three awards for his writing in the USA, as well as three in the UK. Trained at the prestigious Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, he is editor-in-chief of the American Horticultural Society's Encyclopedia of Perennials and the author of more than twenty books, and he runs the Royal Horticultural Society's New Plants blog as well as his Transatlantic Gardener blog.

Jennifer Trehane

Jennifer Trehane's lifelong passion for camellias stems from her involvement in the family nursery business. Trehane is now one of three directors of the International Camellia Society and travels widely all over the world to see camellias growing in gardens and in the wild.