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Judith Knott Tyler

Travels from:

Clarksville, Virginia

Other speakers from Virginia

Speaking topics:

  • Helleborus Species for American Gardens
  • Gardening in the Shade
  • Gardening with Hellebores
  • Growing Hellebores for Profit
  • Growing Species Hellebores in the Garden
  • Hellebores Today: The latest in Breeding and Tissue Culture
  • The Winter Garden

Judith Knott Tyler

Judith Knott Tyler and her husband, Richard Tyler, have owned and operated Pine Knot Farms since 1982 on land that has been in Judith's family for six generations. Pine Knot is a wholesale and retail nursery specializing in herbaceous perennials, with an emphasis on hellebores.

An artist by training, Judith channels her creativity into making gardens, layering the forms and textures of plants into living sculptures that change with the seasons.

Judith brings a magnitude of life experience to her nursery work including time spent landscaping, producing vegetables for a communal farm in Canada, and even tutoring underprivileged children.

Hellebores fascinate Judith because as she says, "Any plant brave enough to reach its peak flowering time during the dull days of late winter, deserves a place of pride in most gardens. If we consider the wide range of conditions many of the species will tolerate, there is truly a hellebore for almost any garden."

Books by Judith Knott Tyler

Hellebores: A Comprehensive Guide

By Colston Burrell and Judith Knott Tyler

296 pp., hardcover


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