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Lee Reich

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New Paltz, New York

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  • Fearless Pruning
  • My Weedless Garden
  • Pomona's Secrets: Uncommon Fruits for Every Garden

Lee Reich

Lee Reich is an avid gardener who, after more than a decade in research with the U.S. Department of Agriculture and Cornell University, has turned to writing, lecturing, and consulting.

He is a frequent speaker at many events, including garden symposia and clubs, grower conferences, and Master Gardener workshops. He is the author of several books and writes regularly for such publications as Fine Gardening, Horticulture, and The New York Times. His gardening column for Associated Press appears weekly in newspapers across the country.

While he was with the USDA and Cornell University in fruit research, Lee began to realize just how few fruits dominate our markets and how difficult they are to grow, mostly in terms of pest control. He started researching some uncommon fruits, fruits that have been grown in various parts of the world at various times but that are now not generally known or grown. Most important was to find plants that were cold hardy with fruits that were truly tasty without being "doctored up" in the kitchen. It turns out that the plants he came up with are also relatively pest resistant, and many of them are quite ornamental.

In Uncommon Fruits for Every Garden, the criteria for inclusion in the roster are absolute: the plants must be able to tolerate winter cold and be uncommon, and, most important, the fruit must be good for eating fresh. Lee invites us to join him in the garden in the months and years ahead, savoring the medley of flavors that these uncommon fruits offer.

When not in the garden, Lee Reich can be found actively involved in one of his other passions, which include cross-country skiing, woodworking, and music.

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