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Bobby J. Ward

Travels from:

Raleigh, North Carolina

Other speakers from North Carolina

Speaking topics:

  • Elizabeth Lawrence: Southern Garden Writer
  • Garden plants in myth and literature
  • Modern day plant hunters
  • Rock gardening in the American South
  • The Life of J.C. Raulston, Horticultural Ambassador
  • Wildflowers of the American Southeast

Bobby J. Ward

Bobby J. Ward is past president of the North American Rock Garden Society. He has a degree in plant physiology, received his PhD in botany from North Carolina State University, and is a retired environmental scientist. A dedicated gardener, he has long been interested in plant names and plant lore. His book A Contemplation Upon Flowers won the Quill & Trowel Award of the Garden Writers Association.

Bobby grew up on a farm in eastern North Carolina where his early interest in native plants started with observing the plants around him. In college, he had the opportunity to learn more about general biology, including botany, becoming interested in it as a career.

He began his professional life as an environmental scientist working for 25 years at a major electrical power company. During these years, Bobby drifted toward horticulture and gardening as an avocation, so when he retired he already had his next career as an author and gardener in place.

Bobby has traveled to Chile, Canada, the U.K., Mexico, South Africa, the Czech Republic, and extended regions of the United States to interview modern explorers and to see the landscape and locations where they do their species collecting.

In his spare time, Bobby enjoys reading, traveling, and a sweet, peaceful dedication to his private gardens.

Books by Bobby J. Ward

A Contemplation Upon Flowers: Garden Plants in Myth and Literature

By Bobby J. Ward

448 pp., paperback


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