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Welcome to the inaugural Timber Press library newsletter! In this quarterly letter I will share the latest praise and acclaim for Timber Press titles. These titles are grabbing media attention and will appeal to your garden collection eye and the green thumb of your patrons! For the full catalog of Timber Press titles, please go to timberpress.com or contact me for a Fall 2012 catalog.

I will also share my own thoughts on a personal favorite in each issue, in the section called "My nose in a book" (below). This month, it's all about coping with a busy life and making time for gardening with the help of The Speedy Vegetable Garden. I'm sure you'll relate!

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The Speedy Vegetable Garden
Releasing January 2013

My nose in a book

Who isn't in a rush these days? We test our limits nearly every multi-tasking day. My time management skills have been honed over the years and I've become a mix of Mario Andretti and the Road Runner, but it's still important to take time for the things that mean the most to me.

Like you, I do find time for family, friends, laughs, and a hobby or two. One such hobby, a.k.a. obsession, is gardening. As a time-strapped self-proclaimed gardener, I confess there has been many an occasion I wished for a Back to the Future quick veggie gardening season and harvest. My wish has come true and I can shift into gear with the January release of The Speedy Vegetable Garden!

Authors Mark Diacono and Lia Leendertz give speed demons the green light and road map to grow sprouts in days, lettuce in weeks, and tomatoes in two months! The book highlights more than 50 quick crops, with complete information on how to sow, grow, and harvest each plant and sumptuous photography that provides inspiration and a visual guide for when to harvest. Sprouted seeds are the fastest. Microgreens can be harvested in weeks: cilantro 14 days after planting, arugula and fennel in 10 days. Now I can oh-so-quickly put fresh food on my table and so can you and your patrons!

I'd love to hear about your speedy gardening experiences, so send me an email at Maryellen.mahoney@storey.com.


The Unexpected Houseplant

"Will boost the confidence of even the most black-thumbed houseplant owner. Martin's can-do enthusiasm is infectious, her creativity inspiring."


"Engaging and personable. ... All indoor plant hobbyists in every geographic area will enjoy and learn from this book. Its fresh approach deserves a thumbs-up."

Library Journal

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The Roots of My Obsession

"After finishing the book, you may even feel a bit better about your own all-consuming horticulture hobby."

Country Living

"This charming, simple book makes a great gift for gardening friends, who can curl up with it on a rainy day and reflect on their own obsession."

Publishers Weekly

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The Layered Garden

"Spellbinding writing and Cardillo's breathtaking photos entice readers through Culp's woodland garden. An essential title in the 'how I did it' genre of garden writing."

Library Journal

"So imaginative is Culp's genius and so resourceful his passion for plants and design that his layered garden offers more sensory delights per square foot than most gardens manage to achieve over acres."


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"Rendon's useful, relatively balanced overview is recommended for readers looking for a concise analysis."

Library Journal

"This book is not an argument for or against the legalization of marijuana. It is a discussion of how the criminalization of marijuana has altered its genetics and its place in American culture."

East Oregonian

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