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Guidelines for potential authors

We consider new book ideas on a regular basis. Your proposal should follow these guidelines:

Overview: Introduce the subject and explain why a book on the subject is needed or desirable. Tell us what is unique about your book and why we should publish it. Discuss your overall approach and the organization of the book. Define your intended audience and explain why the book will appeal to them. Estimate the amount of time you will need to complete the book.

Table of Contents: List all the chapters you intend to write, along with any front matter (for example, an introduction, preface) and back matter (appendices, charts, references, sources lists, index). Annotate each chapter briefly.

Author Information: Give a brief rundown of your occupation, accomplishments (including writing experience such as published books and articles), and areas of expertise. Summarize your familiarity with the subject and explain why you are qualified to write the book. If you have writing samples that are germane to your proposed subject, feel free to include them.

Sales and Marketing Considerations: Briefly list any specific aspects of the book that will help the marketing department in its sales efforts. Include aspects that will appeal to well-defined groups of readers as well as aspects that will appeal to a general readership. Describe in detail your marketing platform (how your professional activities and contacts will aid the promotion of the book). If you give lectures or workshops, include a summary of your activities for the past year. Please describe any social media outreach you are already engaged in or will engage in to service the book. Provide any applicable links.

Competing/Comparable Titles: List any previously published titles that address the same subject as your book and indicate whether they are still in print. Describe how your book differs from or is superior to competing titles. For each competing title include price, publisher, date of publication, and Amazon ranking.

Manuscript Length and Illustrations: Give an estimated word count for your completed manuscript and a general art plan including photos, illustrations, maps, graphs, and/or diagrams that you feel are necessary to convey your ideas. If you will be working with a professional photographer, explain why he or she is well suited to the project. Include sample images or a link to the photographer's website with the proposal.

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