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Wolves in the Land of Salmon

By David Moskowitz

Residents of the Pacific Northwest will appreciate the specificity of this work, but any fans of wolves or wildlife biology will find this of interest.

Publishers Weekly

Wolves. We love them, idolize them, and are fascinated by them. We also hate them, fear them, and blame them. The wolf's relationship with humans is complex and can be emotionally wrought, depending on whether one is a hunter, rancher, or animal lover.

Wolves in the Land of Salmon is nature writing at its best. Vivid imagery and a sense of wonder bring the text alive and help the reader understand exactly what it means to be a wolf. David Moskowitz's training as a wildlife tracker gives him insider knowledge that he generously shares in hopes that with greater understanding comes new perspective.

The daring photography provides the first significant portrait of these charismatic animals west of the Cascades and the British Columbia Coast Range. His accounts of young wolves at play, and the stories that shed light on the psychological power wolves have across cultures and generations, make this a true wilderness adventure.

Media reviews

"An essential read for anyone wishing to gain a deeper understanding of how ecological, political, and geological trends can lead to the decline or restoration of species and their habitats."

Library Journal

"An expert wildlife tracker paints a portrait of wolves' lives and value to ecosystems, set against the backdrop of conflict over rising wolf populations."

Science News

"In his new book, [David Moskowitz] pulls together the many strands of wolf recovery in the Pacific Northwest — natural history, politics, landscape variables — into an invaluable compendium of up-to-date information, written in an exceedingly straightforward, scientific and balanced manner."

—Christian Martin, Cascadia Weekly

"This wide-ranging survey about wolves of the Pacific Northwest offers something for both the specialist and the curious layperson. ... Residents of the Pacific Northwest will appreciate the specificity of this work, but any fans of wolves or wildlife biology will find this of interest."

Publishers Weekly

"A great book for anyone even remotely interested in North America's wolf populations."

—Riley Banks, The Writer’s Shack

"David Moskowitz follows these most controversial of animals through the wilds of the Cascade Range and up into British Columbia, richly evoking their habitat and complex nature."

National Geographic Traveler blog

About the author

David Moskowitz

David Moskowitz, a professional wildlife tracker, photographer, outdoor educator, and avid mountaineer, has contributed to wildlife studies in the Pacific Northwest and in the Canadian and U.S. Rocky Mountains. He has explored many of the most remote parts of the region.

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