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What's Wrong With My Vegetable Garden?: 100% Organic Solutions for All Your Vegetables, from Artichokes to Zucchini

By David Deardorff and Kathryn Wadsworth

Lavishly illustrated guidelines offer nearly infallible means of diagnosing and treating setbacks through easy-to-follow, cross-referenced charts. As foolproof as they come.


More and more home gardeners are discovering the rewards of growing their own vegetables. But along with the pleasures of homegrown produce come a host of problems: bugs, diseases, and mysterious ailments that don't have an obvious cause. What's a gardener to do?

Don't panic — help is at hand. What's Wrong With My Vegetable Garden? teaches you how to keep your vegetables healthy so they're less susceptible to attack, and when problems do occur, it shows you how to recognize the problem and find the right organic solution.

Among the book's highlights are:

  • Clear information about how to team with nature to create the best growing conditions for your vegetables.
  • Detailed portraits of the most commonly grown vegetables, including growth habit; information on the plant's season; temperature, soil, light, and water requirements; and best garden uses and planting techniques.
  • Illustrated problem-solving guides that enable you to identify at a glance what's ailing your plant.
  • Discussions of the most effective organic solutions, ranging from how to modify the growing conditions in your garden to how to cope with and eliminate specific pests and diseases.

If you care about raising the freshest, healthiest, most problem-free vegetables possible, then What's Wrong With My Vegetable Garden? will quickly become one of your most essential tools.

Media reviews

"Full of useful photographs, charts for diagnosing problems, numerous organic solutions, and hints for avoiding problems in the first place."

—Viveka Neveln, American Gardener

"An authoritative guide to organic vegetable growing. ... With this attractive book, organic gardeners will find it easy to grow vegetables and diagnose and organically treat common problems. Recommended."

Library Journal

"Provide[s] a thorough method of diagnosing what's wrong with the various crops of a vegetable garden."

Halifax Chronicle Herald

"Here's help to keep your garden plants healthy, recognize when they're not, and apply the right organic solution."

Green Bay Press-Gazette

"An ideal read for gardeners looking to grow the healthiest, most problem-free plants and vegetables"

American Reference Books Annual

"This colorful guide to troubleshooting organic gardens provides detailed information on the treatment of diseases and elimination of pests for specific fruits and vegetables, and promotes a holistic approach to garden health."

Book News

"A comprehensive index and chapter-by-chapter discussions of individual vegetables avoid the frustration of wading through generalized advice."

San Francisco Chronicle

"Lavishly illustrated guidelines offer nearly infallible means of diagnosing and treating setbacks through easy-to-follow, cross-referenced charts. As foolproof as they come."


"Those looking for a well-illustrated, well-organized resource will not be disappointed."

Publishers Weekly

"The kind of book that you can take with you out into the garden, sit down beside a troubled plant, and flip through the photos and descriptions to diagnose the problem. Very, very helpful."

New Life on a Homestead

"Hooray! Something to figure out what's bugging your vegetables."

Garden Gate

"Keep this reference handy, especially if you're a novice gardener who's longing for success with veggies."

Juneau Empire

"A thorough description of various organic solutions."

—Jan Riggenbach, Midwest Gardening

"Illustrated problem-solving guides that help you to spot trouble and deal with it organically."

—Sandra Barrera, Los Angeles Daily News

About the authors

David Deardorff

David Deardorff is a botanist and expert plant pathologist. He earned his Ph.D. in botany from the University of Washington. He coordinated plant pathology research at the University of Hawaii and served as faculty adviser to the Master Gardener program at Washington State University.

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Kathryn Wadsworth

Kathryn Wadsworth is a writer, photographer, and naturalist, who enjoys sharing the wonders of the natural world with others. Currently, she can be found presenting workshops around the United States on a wide variety of topics, from gardening to ecology.

Read more about Kathryn Wadsworth

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