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Water Features for Small Gardens: From Concept to Construction

By Keith Davitt

Compared with the many other recent titles on water gardening, Davitt's excels.

Library Journal

Celebrated designer Keith Davitt brings the delights of the water garden within reach of everyone in Water Features for Small Gardens. With a clear eye to design, construction, materials, and maintenance, Davitt offers alternatives for every style of garden and every budget. Detailed case studies depict actual gardens progressing from the planning stage to planting, and the author shows step by step how such features are created using only modest building skills. Types of water gardens discussed include: natural, formal, and informal pools; raised and in-ground formal fountains; wall fountains; streams and waterfalls; and bog and tub gardens. Heavily illustrated and packed with practical information, Water Features for Small Gardens is a must for any gardener seeking to bring his or her garden to the next level.

Media reviews

"This is a book for those looking for inspiration."

—Virginia Hayes, Pacific Horticulture

"With a clear eye to design, construction, materials, and maintenance, Davitt offers creative alternatives for every style of garden and every budget."

Country Almanac

"If you have considered building a water feature, surely you have wished to have someone with experience at your side. Keith Davitt may be the one you are looking for."

—Karin E. Guzy, Perennial Notes

"There's a lot of excellent information in this small-format book."

—Pete Prown, Green Scene

"This is a book that will remain on my shelf, and when I abandon my present oversized garden for a smaller one, I'm sure I'll find inspiration in its sensible text and excellent photos."

Rock Garden Quarterly

"Construction processes are discussed for each of the styles ... water is a wonderful element in a garden."

—Ann Milovsoroff, Royal Botanical Gardens Newsletter

"This [book] focuses on small spaces and garden designer/author Keith Davitt finds ingenious ways of incorporating water features into even the smallest of gardens."

—Chris Desai, E-Streams

"Keith Davitt perfectly balances the art of designing a water garden with the practical aspects of how to achieve what he has shown is possible."

—Judy Lowe, Christian Science Monitor

"Davitt's book is a treat for the eyes, generously illustrated with inspiring photos ... Davitt's fine book, an effort which is, without a doubt, an absolute necessity for the gardener who is ready to create the ultimate magic garden grace."

—Marilyn Uhley, Boox Review

"Compared with the many other recent titles on water gardening, Davitt's excels particularly at showing how formal pools and fountains can transform cramped urban spaces such as courtyards and tiny backyards."

Library Journal

"Readers may be inspired to overhaul their entire outdoor room based on the ideas the author thoughtfully presents."

—Sarah Martinez, Garden Center

"Enjoy the pages of this book as you search within them to find the perfect water feature to bring grace, beauty, and magic to your garden."

—Suzie Heap, California Garden

"If ever I'm going to figure out how to add more water than a birdbath to my garden, this book may be the key ... Very much a how-to book."

—Marge Hols, St. Paul Pioneer Press

"A variety of actual gardens ... are shown in their before-construction and after planting stages."

—Ann Milovsoroff, Royal Botanical Gardens Newsletter

"If you've always wanted a pond or fountain, but assumed that you didn't have sufficient space, this is the book for you."

—Charles Reynolds, Lakeland Ledger

"After learning about the different kinds of water features and looking at the richly–colored photos of completed ones, any garden without a water feature will seem plain and incomplete to the avid gardener."

Small Press Book Review

"Small gardens are challenging to design: one flaw can ruin the entire plan. Keith Davitt shows how to overcome that challenge when adding a water feature to a small garden."

Water Gardening

About the author

Keith Davitt

Keith Davitt is well known as a garden designer and writer. His articles have appeared in Period Homes, Traditional Building, Fine Gardening, American Gardener, and many other magazines. He has designed and installed dozens of gardens in the New York City area.

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