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The Vegetable Gardener's Guide to Permaculture: Creating an Edible Ecosystem

By Christopher Shein

With Julie Thompson

Gardeners who are interested in experimenting with the permaculture approach to growing edibles would do well to use this book as a guide.

American Gardener

Once a fringe topic, permaculture is moving to the mainstream. Gardeners who are ready to take their organic gardening to the next level are discovering the wisdom of a simple system that emphasizes the idea that by taking care of the earth, the earth takes care of you.

The Vegetable Gardener's Guide to Permaculture teaches gardeners of every skill level — with any size space — how to live in harmony with both nature and neighbors to produce and share an abundant food supply with minimal effort. Permaculture teacher Christopher Shein highlights everything you need to know to start living off the land lightly, including how to create rich, healthy, and low-cost soil; blend a functional food garden and decorative landscape; share the bounty with others; and much more.

This inspiring, easy-to-follow, information-packed, practical guide will help you transform your garden into a food forest that feeds you for years to come.

Media reviews

"Gardeners who are interested in experimenting with the permaculture approach to growing edibles would do well to use this book as a guide."

—Eric Toensmeier, American Gardener

"Shein does an excellent job of explaining the concept of permaculture."

The Gardener

"Shein teaches gardeners, both novice and experienced, how to apply permaculture to vegetable gardens."

Eat Drink Better.com

"With beautiful photos and an open layout, this book is easy to access and a fine afternoon read. Whether you are starting a new edible garden or looking to take your veggie patch to the next level, this book is worth exploring."

Edible East Bay

"A visually attractive beginner's guide; we really like it."

Permaculture Magazine

"If this is your first exposure to permaculture: buy this book. If you know permaculture and want a way to share it with someone else ... pick up a copy, it's the right place for them, or you to start."

The Permaculture Podcast

"Gives gardeners a wide variety of tools to begin to use the principles and techniques of this 'ancient yet cutting-edge technology.'"

Publishers Weekly

"Shein's straightforward, practical guide describes techniques and deciphers terminology to encourage gardening practices built on principles of caring for the planet and sharing its bounty."


"Straightforward and engaging… the book clearly outlines the steps you can choose to incorporate [permaculture] into your home landscape,"

Garden Therapy

"Shein offers plenty of color photos, diagrams and plans for turning a backyard garden into an edible ecosystem."

San Francisco Chronicle

"I didn't read this book so much as devour it, and few books in recent years have inspired me more to continue my efforts to turn what little yard I have into an edible landscape."

East Oregonian

About the author

Christopher Shein

Christopher Shein has started dozens of community, school, and market gardens. He teaches permaculture at Merritt Community College where he helped develop the award-winning student farm. Shein also owns Wildheart Gardens, a permaculture landscape business that designs and builds sustainable gardens.

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