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Uncommon Fruits for Every Garden

By Lee Reich

Illustrations by Vicki Herzfeld Arlein

For those gardeners who, like me, are always searching for something a bit out of the ordinary for both their gardens and their tummies, this book is a gem.

American Gardener

Lee Reich provides a valuable guide to uncommon fruits and berries, which add an adventurous flavor to any garden. Though names like jujube, juneberry, maypop, and shipova may seem exotic at first glance, these fruits offer ample rewards to the gardener willing to go only slightly off the beaten path at local nurseries. Reliable even in the toughest garden situations, cold-hardy, and pest- and disease-resistant, they are as enticing to the beginner as to the advanced gardener. This expanded sequel to the author's celebrated Uncommon Fruits Worthy of Attention offers new fruits, new varieties, and new photos and illustrations to entice the reader into an exciting world of garden pleasure.

Media reviews

"I learned plenty of new things. ... Everything a reader needs to know to choose the best cultivar and to grow these intriguing but uncommon fruits."

—Judy Lowe, Christian Science Monitor

"For those gardeners who, like me, are always searching for something a bit out of the ordinary for both their gardens and their tummies, this book is a gem."

—Rita Pelczar, American Gardener

"If only I'd found Uncommon Fruits for Every Garden sooner!"

New Life on a Homestead

"Ideal for teaching and discussion. I can find no weaknesses in it."

—Mark Hubbard, North American Colleges and Teachers of Agriculture Journal

"Some gardening books inspire, others entertain, and some educate. Lee Reich's Uncommon Fruits does all three and then some."

—Dan Clost, Greenscapes

"Eye-catching ... more fruits to love."

—Lee Reich, California Rare Fruit Growers

"[The author] is quite serious about the 'for every garden' part of the title. This goes far beyond basic botanical descriptions and hints on growing and utilization: Reich provides abundant details on propagation, planting, fruit harvest and storage, as well as annotated lists of cultivars."


"There is a wealth of gardening and botanical information packed into this compact book."

—Steven Carroll, Plant Science Bulletin

"Although this book is a useful how-to, it also provides great armchair reading, for both the clarity of the prose and the intriguing background provided for the selections. ... [Reich] provides us with a fascinating opportunity to bridge the gap between the ordinary and the exotic, with the garden at the conjunction. ... [A] great addition to the gardening bookshelf."

—Allison Tsu, Bloomsbury Review

"Uncommon Fruits for Every Garden brings forth visions of tempting fruits, enticing aromas and tastes. What gardener can resist such thoughts?"

—Joanne S. Carpender, National Gardener

"A superb book to read on this subject."

—George Weigel, Harrisburg Patriot-News

"Reich proves that plants slightly off the beaten path are flavorful solutions to tough landscape problems."

—Doreen Howard, Easy-Care Landscaping

"Well-written and easy to read."

—Marge Howard-Jones, California Garden

"Reich has an infectious, generous spirit about his field and loads of practical advice for home gardeners."

—Bill Cary, Westchester Journal News

"Details two dozen unusual bush, tree and vine fruits."

Avant Gardener

"Jujube, juneberry, maypop, and shopova may sound strange but Reich has the lowdown on why and how you may want to consider adding them to your garden."

Santa Cruz Sentinel

About the author

Lee Reich

Lee Reich is an avid gardener who speaks frequently at garden symposia and clubs, grower conferences, and Master Gardener workshops. Lee invites us to join him in the garden, savoring the medley of flavors that uncommon fruits offer.

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