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Tulips: Species and Hybrids for the Gardener

By Richard Wilford

Offers a captivating introduction to the charms of species tulips.

Southern Nevada Home & Garden

Species tulips are becoming more widely available as gardeners wake up to their elegant shapes, vibrant-colored flowers, and suitability for growing in containers, raised beds, and rock gardens. Unlike garden hybrids, species tulips will flower each year without being replaced and will even colonize under the right conditions. Wilford's experience of growing tulips at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, informs his excellent cultivation advice. Comprehensive descriptions of gardenworthy species and lesser-known rarities will appeal to tulip and bulb collectors, rock garden enthusiasts, and keen gardeners, inspiring closer investigation of this increasingly popular plant group.

Media reviews

"Tulips contains a wealth of useful information on how to select and grow these most popular of bulbs. It would make a great companion to use in conjunction with photo-laden bulb catalogs."

—Valerie Easton, Seattle Times

"Wilford's experience with tulips is vast, and his confident prose takes the reader by the hand and gently leads the curious into the wild world of this familiar perennial."

Biology Digest

"A beautifully illustrated, comprehensively knowledgeable, professionally informative, in-depth introduction to the many varying species of [this] delicate and powerful flower. ... Recommended to all readers with an interest in growing tulips and in need of the ultimate guide to their numerous variations."

Midwest Book Review

"Full of information for botanical explanation, exploration, and practical gardening [and] a visual delight."

—Ann Schrader, Journal of the Botanical Research Institute of Texas

"This book will be welcomed by gardeners who want to learn more about the origins and cultivation of the many species of tulips. ... With such enticing photographs, it will be hard for gardeners to resist trying a few of the species."

—Trevor Nottle, Pacific Horticulture

"Offers a captivating introduction to the charms of species tulips including expert advice on growing them in containers and the open garden. ... The information contained in this volume will enhance any gardener's library."

—Carolyn Muse Grant, Southern Nevada Home & Garden

"I'm very glad indeed that Wilford has written this book. It was sorely needed."

—Jane McGary, Rock Garden Quarterly

About the author

Richard Wilford

Richard Wilford is the collections manager for the hardy display section at the Royal Botanic Gardens Kew. He has a particular interest in bulbs and is a member of the Royal Horticultural Society’s bulb committee. He writes for Kew Magazine and Garden Illustrated among others, and serves on the editorial committees of Kew Magazine and Curtis’s Botanical Magazine.

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