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Tropical Flowering Plants: A Guide to Identification and Cultivation

By Kirsten Albrecht Llamas

Photographs by Kirsten Albrecht Llamas

Can't get away to the tropics this year? Check out Tropical Flowering Plants for that 'almost there' feeling.

Publishers Weekly

This book bridges a long-standing gap between obscure references in tropical botany and the gardener's need for an accurate, practical guide with clear photographs. Incorporating the latest advances in plant taxonomy from the definitive text of Dr. Walter Judd, the book is a rare work of scrupulous research — and magnificent photography — that will be as useful to the gardener as it is to the botanist. Kirsten Llamas exhaustively documents more than 1400 flowering trees, shrubs, vines, and herbaceous plants commonly grown in tropical and subtropical gardens. She provides thorough information on cultivation for each plant, including growth characteristics, light exposure, cold hardiness, invasive tendencies, and unique horticultural features. More than 1500 color photos of magnificent flowering specimens make this book as much a pleasure to browse as it is a resource for research. Sure to appeal to gardeners, landscapers, nurseries, collectors, botany students, florists, and botanical gardens, Tropical Flowering Plants promises to be a staple reference for decades to come.

Awards for this book: American Horticultural Society Book Award, Garden Writers Association Garden Globe Award

Media reviews

"[This book is] top shelf from a production standpoint and from an information standpoint — I like everything about it."

—Ray Rogers, American Gardener

"Tropical Flowering Plants is a lifetime treasure."

—Clear Englebert, FungShway.com

"Tropical plant enthusiasts ... and green thumbs seeking practical advice ... will embrace Llamas' up-to-date guide."

—Alice Joyce, Booklist

"The book is comprehensive, it's packed with pertinent information, and it's accurate. Especially important, it has up-to-date nomenclature, and it is well-illustrated."

—Mike McLaughlin, Seattle Olympian

"It is impressive to find a book with more than 1,400 tropical flowering trees, shrubs, vines, and herbaceous plants thoroughly described and illustrated with top-notch photography. ... Extremely useful for plant information on many common, unusual, and recently introduced plants for Zone 9 and higher."

—Stephen Pategas, Ornamental Outlook

"I would strongly recommend this book for gardeners, botanic gardens, nurseries, herbaria, city and council libraries and especially plant enthusiasts."

—Paul I. Forster, Plant Systematics and Evolution

"The author's avocation of photography has augmented her extensive horticultural background to make this a complete survey of her chosen field."

—Marge Howard-Jones, California Garden

"Glorious and magnificent ... This big beautiful book is so comprehensive and well thought out that it will be the one gardeners turn to over and over again."

—Lynette Walther, Palatka Daily News

"Kirsten Albrecht Llamas brings authoritative research and dazzling color photography to her new book, Tropical Flowering Plants: A Guide to Identification and Cultivation."

Florida Gardening

"Tropical Flowering Plants: A Guide to Identification and Cultivation is sure to be a valued addition to our libraries."

Florida Gardening

"Imagine 50 years' worth of memories of the world's best botanical gardens ... Then imagine all of those photographs you wished you had taken on your visits to those gardens. Now you have an idea of this wonderful book. ... [This] well-researched and beautifully produced book will make a fine addition to any library whose patrons are gardeners as well as botanists, and artists as well as scientists."

—G. C. Stevens, Choice

"Can't get away to the tropics this year? Check out Tropical Flowering Plants by Kirsten Llamas for that 'almost there' feeling."

Publishers Weekly

"There is simply nothing in the league that compares to [Tropical Flowering Plants]. ... This is not a field guide to the flora of any particular region but is a field guide to the plants chosen by humans for their gardens. Get this book. It is the buy of the years in natural history guides!"

—Neal Smith, International Aroid Society Newsletter

"This remarkable compilation of tropical flowering plants, in one volume, promises to be a popular reference book, not only for those living in tropical and subtropical climes but also for plant lovers the world over. This is a book that belongs in every plant lover's library."

—T. J. Sheehan, Selbyana

"This authoritative book is very user friendly with an extensive index with cross- references from common names."

—Kate Peterson, E-Streams

"Oh what a lovely book–just the thing for browsing in front of the fire after one has had a go at all the seed catalogues. It is a well produced, informative, elegant mine of information and to be recommended."

—Henry Oakeley, Orchid Review

"Immensely valuable"

—Rudolf Schmid, Taxon

"Suffice to say that this book, which is replete with magnificent photographs, you will find much information, well”presented and cultural information as well as interesting facts which will increase your knowledge."

—John E. Bryan, Gardening Newsletter

"This is a book to use, not just to put on our shelves. It's a needed and welcome addition to the horticultural world."

—Georgia Tasker, Miami Herald

About the author

Kirsten Albrecht Llamas

Kirsten Albrecht Llamas received a master's degree in tropical botany from the University of Miami. She is a longtime member of the Tropical Flowering Tree Society and has provided numerous plant identification updates to The Kampong garden (of the National Tropical Botanic Garden) and to the Fairchild Tropical Garden. Her extraordinary photographs have won many awards.

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