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By Frederick W. Case, Jr. and Roberta B. Case

Both field guide and gardener's handbook, this book covers all 45 species of trilliums worldwide. The authors trekked all over North America to photograph the 38 American species in the wild.

Media reviews

"After perusing this book, written by two addicted enthusiasts, you too will carry a torch for trilliums in the wild and in the garden."

—C. Colston Burrell, Horticulture

"[This book has] been lauded as 'the bible for trillium gardeners.'"

—Deb Wiley, Midwest Living

"A particularly informative and useful source of information. Wildflower enthusiasts and backyard gardeners will especially welcome the section dealing with trillium horticulture."

—Donald S. Heintzelman, Northwestern Press

"A book that is as beautiful as it is useful. The drawings and photographs combine to give readers extraordinarily clear pictures of this genus. These are complemented by a well-written and thorough text. The authors have an obvious love and knowledge of their subject. This book belongs in all but the smallest gardening collections."

—January Adams, American Reference Books Annual

"This is the first book-length treatment of these lovely flowers."

Garden Gazette

"So clearly written and inspiring that it ought to win something like a Pulitzer Prize in botany. The appearance, layout and design of the book is superb. It handles well and is user friendly. ... The books is a joy to behold and thoroughly wonderful to read. ... Anyone who has the least interest in native plants will want to own this book."

—T. Lawrence Mellichamp, Castanea

"Trilliums is a superb work, a complete review of all forty-three species that clarifies a muddled taxonomy while embracing a genuine appreciation for this beguiling ... group of garden-worthy plants."

—Dan Hinkley, Pacific Horticulture

"The book is a masterful description of all the species of trillium, their geographic distribution, habitat, and growing conditions ... It is a must-have book for the trillium enthusiast."

Chicagoland Gardening

"Frederick Case, Jr., and Roberta Case have done a remarkable job in researching and writing this book and in assembling the photographs and mapping the boundaries of this widespread genus. Trilliums will be the definitive work on this genus for a long time to come. Along with all the other pluses in Trilliums, the text is a treat to read. This is science at its best: understandable, interesting and useful. If you're like me, you'll find the only difficult part of owning this book is closing its covers and putting it down."

—Charles Hardman, Herbertia

"A splendid work."


"Outstanding photos, most by the author, are right where you look for them. A very full glossary will help the nonscientists; six pages of bibliography [help] those who want documentation."

—Elizabeth K. Reilley, Friends' Newsletter

"Probably no single person has so much intimate knowledge of our trilliums who at the same time could compile such a useful a taxonomic treatment so clearly written and inspiring–this book ought to win a Pulitzer Prize in botany."

—T. Lawrence Mellichamp, Rock Garden Quarterly

About the authors

Frederick W. Case Jr.

The late Frederick W. Case, Jr., and his wife, Roberta, were partners in delightful plant adventures for some four decades. Hardy explorers, they trekked through swamps and woodlands to see and photograph each of the North American Trillium species in the wild. They also grew all the American Trillium species and three of the Asiatic species in their experimental gardens in Saginaw, Michigan. This book is the culmination of their expertise in growing trilliums. For many years Fred was an adjunct research investigator at the University of Michigan Botanical Gardens. Roberta was a teacher, field biologist, plant hybridizer, and orchid breeder. Fred was also a lifetime fellow of the Cranbrook Institute of Science and wrote books on orchids of the Great Lakes region and wild flowers of the Northeast. The North American Rock Garden Society honored him with both the Edgar T. Wherry Award and the Carlton R. Worth Award, for the contribution his numerous articles and books made on the subject of plants.

Read more about Frederick W. Case Jr.

Roberta B. Case

Roberta B. Case studied and grew trilliums for 45 years, and saw all 38 North American species in the wild. She resided in Saginaw, Michigan. (Also see biography for Fred Case.)

Read more about Roberta B. Case

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