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Trees and Shrubs of the Pacific Northwest: Timber Press Field Guide

By Mark Turner and Ellen Kuhlmann

A treasure. ... This detailed guide draws you in closer to really look at, and identify, our wildly diverse flora.

Pacific Northwest Magazine

In Trees and Shrubs of the Pacific Northwest, Mark Turner and Ellen Kuhlmann cover 568 species of woody plants that can be found in Oregon, Washington, British Columbia, and northern California. This comprehensive field guide features introductory chapters on the native landscape, plus entries that detail the family, scientific and common names, flowering seasons, and size of each plant. Each entry also includes color photographs of the plant's habitat and distinguishing characteristics, plus a range map.

Trees and Shrubs of the Pacific Northwest is for hikers, nature lovers, plant geeks, and anyone who wants to know more about, and be able to identify, the many plants of the Pacific Northwest.

Media reviews

"A treasure. ... This detailed guide draws you in closer to really look at, and identify, our wildly diverse flora."

—Valerie Easton, Pacific Northwest Magazine

"A must-have resource."

Washington Trails

"A single comprehensive volume to pack along when traveling throughout the Pacific Northwest ... After owning this book for only a few weeks, I’ve already broken in the binding. ... I can tell that my book will be a bit dog-eared before the snow flies!"

—Susan Ballinger, Wenatchee World

About the authors

Mark Turner

Mark Turner is a professional photographer who specializes in gardens and native plant environments. He combines a strong sense of photographic design, attention to detail, curiosity about both native and garden plants, and more than 30 years of exploring native plants in their environments.

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Ellen Kuhlmann

Ellen Kuhlmann is a professional botanist with extensive experience with Northwest flora. She has a background in fire ecology, rare plant research, and plant community ecology.

Read more about Ellen Kuhlmann

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