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Timber Press Pocket Guide to Shade Perennials

By W. George Schmid

Use of this book can take you beyond the usual hosta and fern shade garden to sophisticated and beautiful shade gardens.

National Gardener

Rich with descriptions and illustrations of more than 1000 readily available species and cultivars that will enliven and thrive in your shade garden. The easy-to-read format, illustrated with more than 300 photographs, makes this the perfect handy reference. You will find definitions of shade intensities; information about plant cultivation, maintenance, and pests and diseases; as well as lists of plants for specific landscape uses. Also included is a list of specialty nursery sources that carry shade perennials.

Media reviews

"Offers ideas for plants that will bring year-round color to the woodland garden."

—Joel M. Lerner, Washington Post

"Schmid describes hundreds, all with detailed information on size, type of foliage and flowers, and how to grow them."

—John Van de Water, Newark Star-Ledger

"Use of this book can take you beyond the usual hosta and fern shade garden to sophisticated and beautiful shade gardens."

—Joanne S. Carpender, National Gardener

"Reminded me of all the beautiful shade plants I should be growing out in the wooded area behind my house. A definite keeper!"

—Rosemarie Papayanopulos, Gardener's Gazette

"This book ... would make a good reference for anyone needing some ideas for other plants to grow in the shade besides the common hosta varieties seen in the large box stores."

—Jason Koontz, Plant Science Bulletin

"A great quick guide to perennials for the shady garden ... well organized and easy to read."

—Taffy Turner, Washington Gardener

"Exhaustive and full of great ideas ... an inspiration for the too easily discouraged shade gardener."

—Susan Harris, Washington Gardener

"The moderate price, $19.95, is remarkable for a book so lavishly illustrated and in color."

—John E. Bryan, Gardening Newsletter

"This volume is generously and gorgeously illustrated. The photographs are not only lushly beautiful but also provide instructive suggestions for grouping plants and their layout. Easy to carry and easy to get lost in, this guide will be an asset not only for experienced gardeners, but for those of us who want to become better ones."

—Kay Ackerman, Bloomsbury Review

"It's lightweight and small enough to slip into a purse or backpack to be toted around a garden or a nursery for frequent referral. With color photos on nearly every page and a price of $20, the volume is a bargain. I can't see where they've skimped."

—Valerie Easton, Seattle Times

"The expertise of the author is reflected on every page."

—Diane M. Calabrese, American Reference Books Annual

"This handy reference book is the perfect companion for a trip to the nursery."

Garden Gate

"Schmid draws upon his immense expertise to provide a thoroughly user-friendly, profusely illustrated guide ... If you want to have a shade garden that will maximize plant diversity and esthetics, you need this Pocket Guide to Shade Perennials."

Library Bookwatch

"A very useful illustrated reference, describing over 1,000 perennials."

Avant Gardener

"If you have a garden with shady spots, this book is worth the investment."

—Dan Hays, Salem Statesman Journal

About the author

W. George Schmid

W. George Schmid studied botany, horticulture, and landscape architecture at the University of Munich. An avid gardener of shade plants, he is author of several books on shade perennials. George gardens at Hosta Hill in northern Georgia.

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