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Timber Press Pocket Guide to Clematis

By Mary Toomey

With Everett Leeds and Charles Chesshire

[A] delightful, compact but comprehensive guide to the queen of vines.

Winnipeg Free Press

Written by three distinguished clematis experts, the Timber Press Pocket Guide to Clematis profiles 300 stunning plants from an international selection of garden-worthy species and hybrids, from long-time favorites to the highly sought-after new cultivars coming out of Poland, Estonia, Latvia, and Japan. All the plants are readily available at clematis nurseries, including 100 award winners which have proven themselves to experienced and inexperienced gardeners alike. Specific cultivation information is given for each plant, including hardiness zones, light and temperature needs, and time of flowering. Illustrated with 320 photographs of flowers at the height of bloom, when their true color is best seen, this pocket guide is a valuable complement to the authors' Illustrated Encyclopedia of Clematis and a compact reference for taking to the nursery or garden center.

Media reviews

"The famous Timber Press Pocket Guides are always first-rate and this particular one does not disappoint. ... It must have been a daunting task, indeed, to condense the selection of Clematis, but what a success!"

—Linny Heagy, Journal of the Botanical Research Institute of Texas

"[A] delightful, compact but comprehensive guide to the queen of vines. The marriage of great photos and crisply worded, tightly edited entries, covering all the key species and cultivars, makes this a keeper. ... [One of] the 10 best books of the year."

—Steve Whysall, Winnipeg Free Press

"I had sworn to myself that I wasn't going to bother with clematis, but as a result of this book, I have a 'short' list of of a dozen-plus to try."

—Jim Dronenburg, Washington Gardener

"Every photograph is outstanding."

—Diane M. Calabrese, American Reference Books Annual

About the author

Mary Toomey

Mary Toomey, Ph.D., trained as a biologist, botanist, entomologist, and soil ecologist. A keen gardener, she has been growing and studying clematis for more than 30 years.

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