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Books filed under "Literature"

A Village in a Valley by Beverley Nichols

This third book in Nichols' Allways trilogy is as much about the author's love for plants as it is about the village in which he lived. $24.95

Sunlight on the Lawn by Beverley Nichols

The third in the Merry Hall Trilogy — Nichols' accounts of the rescue and renovation of a rundown Georgian mansion and its garden. $24.95

Laughter on the Stairs by Beverley Nichols

The second book in Nichols' accounts of the rescue and renovation of Merry Hall, a rundown Georgian mansion and its garden. $24.95

The Orchid in Lore and Legend by Luigi Berliocchi

This elegant survey of the orchid treats its place in legend and suggests the impact that these exotic plants had on the temperate European mind.

The Curious Gardener by Jürgen Dahl

One of the world's best-loved garden writers explores the connection between the life of the garden and the life of the mind.

Pomona's Harvest: An Illustrated Chronicle of Antiquarian Fruit Literature by H. Frederic Janson

An intriguing history of books about fruit from antiquity to the Industrial Revolution.

A Contemplation Upon Flowers: Garden Plants in Myth and Literature by Bobby J. Ward

A survey of plants, with a multitude of references to myth and literature throughout the ages.

Gardening and Beyond by Florence Bellis

Out of a lifetime of working with plants, the late Florence Bellis distilled these reflections on the interrelationships of living thin

My Garden in Spring by E. A. Bowles

A leisurely and charming tour through the garden of E. A. Bowles, the first in a trilogy originally published in 1914.

My Garden in Summer by E. A. Bowles

The second volume in a trilogy exploring E. A. Bowles' garden throughout the year, and in it he chronicles the charms of peonies, poppies, and others.

My Garden in Autumn and Winter by E. A. Bowles

The final volume in Bowles’s survey of his garden through the year; includes a map of the garden at Myddelton House.

In Praise of Plants by Francis Hallé

This scholarly yet fun book examines the qualities that make plants unique, so different from animals.