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Subtropical and Dry Climate Plants: The Definitive Practical Guide

By Martyn Rix

With this comprehensive resource there's no risk of thinking of dry climate plants as boring.

West Hawaii Today

Climate change, the need to conserve water, the desire for more exotic and dramatic plants — all of these are prompting gardeners to seek out interesting new plants that thrive in subtropical or dry climates and microclimates. This book offers expert guidance and sensible advice on a wide range of plants — native to California, Florida, Australasia, South America, South Africa, Turkey, and the Mediterranean region — that can be successfully cultivated in many regions of North America and Europe. A general introduction offers advice on choosing and designing with these plants, with particular emphasis on hardiness and overwintering in cooler climates. An A–Z plant directory profiles over 1000 plants, and there are useful lists of plants for different situations.

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"With this comprehensive resource there's no risk of thinking of dry climate plants as boring."

—Clear Englebert, West Hawaii Today

About the author

Martyn Rix

Martyn Rix has traveled widely around the world, collecting and photographing plants, and has been involved with designing and planting gardens in California, Bermuda, the Virgin Islands, Turkey, France, and Italy. He has worked for the Royal Horticultural Society at their Wisley headquarters, and co-authored many books with Roger Philips, including The Botanical Garden (vols 1 and 2). He is currently editor of Curtis's Botanical Magazine.

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