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Specialty Cut Flowers: The Production of Annuals, Perennials, Bulbs, and Woody Plants for Fresh and Dried Cut Flowers (Second Edition, Revised and Enlarged)

By Allan M. Armitage and Judy M. Laushman

This greatly revised and expanded edition of Specialty Cut Flowers offers a unique perspective on cut flower production, bringing together in one place the information growers need to propagate and cultivate their eye-catching plants. Introductory chapters offer a discussion of domestic and foreign production, a brief overview of trends, and general comments and techniques for the postharvest care of flowers, including drying and preserving. The main body of the book gives extensive coverage of annual, perennial, bulbous, and woody species for commercial cut flower production, including propagation and growing-on methods, environmental factors, yield in the field, greenhouse forcing, stage of harvest, postharvest handling, and pests and diseases. For easier reference, plants now appear in single, straightforward A-to-Z order. Reflecting decades of research and writing by two distinguished horticulturists, Specialty Cut Flowers, Second Edition, Revised and Enlarged will be an indispensable reference for the nursery bookshelf.

Media reviews

"Although written for the professional grower, their book offers revelations for the home gardener."

—Suzy Bales, New York Times

"This will be especially useful to those with cutting gardens."

—Connie Krochmal, Bella Online

"This book would be an asset to any horticulture-oriented library. Its reasonable price would also make it a very worthwhile addition to the reference collection of anyone in the florist or nursery industry."

—Joanne Sharpe, Plant Science Bulletin

"All that both commercial growers and keen amateurs need to know regarding growing cut flowers can be found in this book."

—John E. Bryan, Gardening Newsletter

"A very inclusive work created with the feedback of many professional growers."

—Stephanie M. Boehmer, Journal of Agricultural and Food Information

"All gardeners who want to grow superior flowers should read it."

—Marilyn K. Alaimo, Chicago Botanic Garden

"The new organization reduces one's frustration at trying to find a plant in the right category."

—Winston Dunwell, Nursery Views

"The book is a well planned guide, covering blooms from Achillea to Zinnia, that includes valuable information about propagation and growing, environmental factors, field and greenhouse performance, harvest and postharvest, cultivars, pests diseases and, for a 'real world' perspective, comments from flower growers across the US."

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About the authors

Allan M. Armitage

Regarded as one of the world's foremost horticulturists, Allan M. Armitage travels as a lecturer and consultant. Charming and lively as well as knowledgeable, Allan is in constant demand as a speaker, and sees working with plants as therapeutic, exciting, and creative.

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Judy M. Laushman

Judy M. Laushman received her bachelor of science in horticulture from Iowa State University. She has been the executive director of the Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers, Inc., since its inception in 1988 and is editor of The Cut Flower Quarterly.

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