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Shade: Ideas and Inspiration for Shady Gardens

By Keith Wiley

[Includes] suggestions for plants you would never have thought to try.

Joel M. Lerner, Washington Post

Shade is a reality in nearly every garden, and this guide will help any gardener, experienced or inexperienced, take full advantage of those sometimes tricky shady areas. After looking at shade in different situations — in different sizes and types of gardens, in specific areas within the garden such as hedges and other barriers, and in vertical elements such as pergolas and arches — the book then considers the characteristics of shade-loving plants, looking at brightly colored flowers as well as at plants with distinct types of foliage. Readers will also learn how to use plant companions to create striking designs in addition to the practicalities of preparing, planting, and maintaining a shade garden.

Media reviews

"[Wiley] presents his case with gorgeous photos, a plant directory, and good sense gardening."

—Jill Sell, Cleveland Plain Dealer

"[Includes] suggestions for plants you would never have thought to try."

—Joel M. Lerner, Washington Post

"Full of valuable information, gorgeous photos, and great ideas. It is an easy read and is recommended for anyone interested in gardening or wondering what to do with that pesky, shady corner in the yard where it seems that nothing will grow."

—Erika Wurm, Gardens North

"For gardeners unsure or cautious about shade, this is an inspiring book, whose colorful pictures of plants and plantings, together with authoritative yet readable prose, will fire up the determination to grow a wider variety of shade plants in creative ways."

—Graham Rice, HortResources Newsletter

"Two valuable chapters in this well-photographed book are the ones on Urban Retreats and on Combining Shade Lovers. ... This book is for those who love trees and the opportunities to bask in comforting shade."

—Stephen Lamphear, Highline Times

"[Keith Wiley] challenges readers to cherish, not chastise, the dappled areas and turn them into garden highlights. Photographs of inspiring shady places and plantings and a directory of appropriate plants make this book a good start for dark-side nay-sayers."

Denver Post

"As one reads [this book], it is easy to imagine strolling through gardens with the author, listening to him comment on the various plants and groupings and share his horticulture wisdom."

—Janet A. Crum, Library Journal

"A complete and comprehensive single volume reference that is as 'user friendly' as it is innovative and inspiring. No personal, horticultural department, plant nursery, or community library garden reference collection should be without a copy of [it]!"

—James A. Cox, Midwest Book Review

"If you're scared of shade, then [this book] is for you. ... Beautifully illustrated by the author's exquisite photographs ... it's a worthwhile addition to any gardener's library."

—Caleb Melchior, Southeast Missouri Master Gardener News

"This book is for those who love trees and the opportunities to bask in comforting shade."

—Steven Lamphear, Des Moines News

"Not one to just pontificate, [Wiley] has the full-colored photographs to prove his point and help others adapt the beauty to their own sites."

—Jody Headlee, Oakland Press

"Merits a place on the bookshelf. It is visually stunning and inspiring."

—Barb Misner, Butler County Master Gardeners Newsletter

"In this nicely photographed hardback, [Wiley] tells about the different kinds of shade, offers a variety of practical design tips for shade, discusses how to combine plants in shade gardens and finishes off with a directory of some of his favorite shade-loving species."

—George Weigel, Harrisburg Patriot-News

About the author

Keith Wiley

After obtaining an honors degree in horticulture from London University, Keith Wiley spent twenty-five years as head gardener at The Garden House in Devon. There he evolved a gardening style based on modifying natural landscapes from around the globe. The garden he created there was described by national commentators as "one of the most exciting and innovative gardens in Britain today" and the best example of "leading-edge horticulture" in the UK.

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