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Sensational Succulents: An Adult Coloring Book of Magical Shapes and Amazing Patterns

By Debra Lee Baldwin and Laura Serra

Combine two of your favorite things: coloring for adults and succulents! Featuring 75 illustrations based on photographs from Debra Lee Baldwin's bestselling books, Sensational Succulents is filled with a huge array of succulents, the relaxing patterns that naturally occur in the plant world, fun mandalas made up of plants, and hours of restorative, creative fun. Illustrations are printed on only one side of a high-quality paper, so you can use pencils, markers, or whatever you prefer.

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About the authors

Debra Lee Baldwin

Debra Lee Baldwin, an award-winning photojournalist, is widely hailed as the “Queen of Succulents.” She helped launched the gardening world’s interest in succulents with her first book, Designing with Succulents, and with her two other books Succulent Container Gardens and Succulents Simplified. Baldwin’s own half-acre garden has been featured in Better Homes and Gardens, Sunset, San Diego Home and Garden, and other publications.

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Laura Serra

The child of Sardinian immigrants, Laura Serra was raised in a small German town near the French border. She began drawing at the age of two and never stopped. Her work has always been influenced by two seemingly unrelated subjects: typography and portraiture. With pencil, paint, ink, thread, pixels, markers, and coffee, Laura explores the relationships between characters and curves, letters and faces.

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