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Sedum: Cultivated Stonecrops

By Ray Stephenson

Sedums are sun-loving, drought-resistant, and mostly hardy. They are prized by rock gardeners and succulents enthusiasts for their color and interesting shapes. This definitive study by one of the world’s authorities provides cultural information for more than 400 stonecrop species and varieties, many of the photographed in their native habitats. Cultivation, propagation, and habitat information are all provided.

About the author

Ray Stephenson

Ray Stephenson is the Founder and Chairman of the Sedum Society in England, and his Northumberland garden with its 800 different stonecrops---probably the most diverse collection in the world---has been officially designated as The National Collection of Sedum. In his foreword, G.A. Pattison of the Council for the Conservation of Plants and Gardens writes, "This is another book in the steady flow of authoritative works being produced by British National Plant Collection Holders; it has been said that in time each Collection Holder will become the recognized expert on a genus, and this is now being realized." Stephenson is also the editor of the Sedum Society Newsletter.

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