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Rock Garden Plants: A Color Encyclopedia

By Baldassare Mineo

Photographic assistance by Fritz Kummert

The information is encyclopedic, and the illustrations superb.

Newark Star-Ledger

Baldassare Mineo is owner of Siskiyou Rare Plant Nursery in Medford, Oregon, one of the world's great sources of plants for rock gardens. Mineo's own photographs are supplemented with many by the renowned horticulturist Fritz Kummert. This authoritative text includes rare and unusual plants as well as proven, readily available garden performers.

Awards for this book: New York Times Editor's Choice - Best Books for Gardening

Media reviews

"A truly inspiring book."

National Gardener

"Beginning or fully-matured rock gardeners can benefit here. More than 1,300 plants are mentioned along with 1,350 color photos."

—Dale Langford, Rocky Mountain News

"The book is a thorough resource, a reference for experienced rock gardeners and a great way for novices to start."

—Joan Carlin, Oregonian

"Rock Garden Plants: A Color Encyclopedia has got to be the definitive work for the West Coast on this arcane topic."

—Sharon Lovejoy, Los Angeles Times

"A visual feast of nearly 1400 choice plants with an astonishing variety and diversity."

Wisley Bookshop

"The lovely book, which includes 14,000 choice plants, will open a new world to many gardeners."

—Marty Figley, Michigan Observer and Eccentric

"Photographs of nearly 1400 species and cultivars. It doesn’t dwell on the theory and practice of rock gardening but delves straight into the A-Z of plants."

Curtis's Botanical Magazine

"Beginner or expert, you'll find this book a companion to prize and consult for years to come."

—Virginia McClain Miller, Garden Showcase

"This is an instant classic. It represents a flowering, as it were, of two enormous talents in our art: Baldassare Mineo, owner of Siskiyou Rare Plant Nursery, and Fritz Kummert, an astonishing horticulturist from central Europe."

—Panayoti Kelaidis, Rock Garden Quarterly

"For the experienced aficionado this will be an attractive book, with illustrations of plants seen only in mountain dreams."

—Judy Glattstein, Home Monthly

"A book for browsing as well as for the reference shelf."

—Mary Davies, Irish Garden

"The information is encyclopedic, and the illustrations superb."

—John Van de Water, Newark Star-Ledger

"A glorious picture book illustrating over 1300 plants that demonstrate the diversity and the appeal of rock garden plants."

Pacific Horticulture

"The library of rock gardening books is sparse, so it is very encouraging to have a quality volume such as Rock Garden Plants to add to the shelf."

—Don Humphrey, American Gardener

"An excellent description of a classic locality for alpine plants."

Rock Garden Quarterly

"This book provides not just guidance, but inspiration. For the growing number of trough aficionados who delight in creating miniature landscapes, this book is indispensable."

—Paula Refi, Perennial Notes

"Another excellent book from Timber Press."

—Ethel Fried, Garden Notebook

"This is a welcome addition to the bookshelf, especially for the numerous colour photographs of fine garden and alpine plants, which should help entice more gardeners into trying them."

—Christopher Grey-Wilson, Garden (Peterborough)

"This book will be well received in many public libararies ... It is well written and illustrated and will be a welcome addition."

American Reference Books Annual

"What a delight to the eye, with its hundreds of maginificent color photographs! ... Yes, it is a 'comprehensive visual fest,' as stated on the book's jacket."

—Fred Winterowd, Gardener for the Prairies

"For all interested in small but beautiful plants, this book will prove invaluable. The text abounds with snippets of interest."

—John E. Bryan, Gardening Newsletter

"Lust over Baldassare Mineo’s Rock Garden Plants slowly, because there are nearly 1400 fascinating, litle known plants described and illustrated in this book. It is impossible to appreciate them all in just a few readings."

—Patricia A. Taylor, Trenton Times

About the author

Baldassare Mineo

Baldassare Mineo has been in love with gardening since the tender age of eight when he told his third-grade teacher "My favorite summer activity was watching my plants grow." He has been the managing owner of Siskiyou Rare Plant Nusery in Medford, Oregon since 1978. He is an active member of the North American Rock Garden Society and many other plant-related organizations, and is well known as a lecturer at horticultural meetings where his slide shows are always in demand. He is also a regular contributor to Horticulture Magazine.

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