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The Rock Garden Plant Primer: Easy, Small Plants for Containers, Patios, and the Open Garden

By Christopher Grey-Wilson

Enthusiasts with sunny gardens should find endless inspiration among the myriad gem-like specimens that Grey-Wilson introduces.


It's not necessary to have a traditional rock garden to enjoy rock garden plants. In fact, these colorful, small plants are perfect for the pots, containers, window boxes, and raised beds that are the mainstays of modern gardens.

World-renowned botanist Christopher Grey-Wilson recommends easy-to-grow plants for a variety of garden situations including shade, mixed borders, and patios. Introductory chapters explain how to grow and care for these gardener-friendly plants that are cold-hardy and adaptable. Detailed plant descriptions are based on his personal experience of seeing the plants in the wild and growing them in the garden. Includes excellent photographs to aid in selection and identification.

Media reviews

"An interesting and informative book that would encourage anyone to grow more rock garden plants in their garden."

—Matthew Biggs, Gardens Illustrated

"Assures gardeners that rock gardens do not require boulders or plants that only come from alpine areas."

SciTech Book News

"Enthusiasts with sunny gardens should find endless inspiration among the myriad gem-like specimens that Grey-Wilson introduces, and woodland gardeners will also find new treasures."

—Alice Joyce, Booklist

About the author

Christopher Grey-Wilson

Christopher Grey-Wilson has been the Editor of the Alpine Garden Society since 1990, and is also a freelance horticultural writer and photographer. He is the author of several books regarded as standard works, and he serves on a number of committees of the Royal Horticultural Society, who recently awarded him a Gold Veitch Memorial Award.

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