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Rhapsody in Green: The Garden Wit and Wisdom of Beverley Nichols

By Beverley Nichols and Roy C. Dicks

Edited by Roy C. Dicks

If you're moved to 'listen to flowers,' you're sure to discover a kindred spirit in Nichols.


Beverley Nichols (1898–1983) was a prolific author, playwright, composer, and media personality. Though much of his work has been forgotten, his garden writing has stood the test of time. His amusing anecdotes, poetic contemplations, and penetrating observations speak to all gardeners — from houseplant killers to nursery professionals — and capture the joy, heartache, and hilarity of gardening. Rhapsody in Green speaks to the true spirit of Beverley Nichols. Compiled by Roy C. Dicks and drawn from fifteen of his best titles, these carefully selected passages offer a tantalizing taste of Nichols's humor, passion, and poetry. Designed for easy browsing and casual reference, it is organized by subject, including favorite plants, despised plants, and the secrets to successful gardening. Readers will also delight in William McLaren's original line drawings spread throughout the text. A must-have for Nichols fans, gardeners, and plant lovers.

Media reviews

"If you're moved to 'listen to flowers,' you're sure to discover a kindred spirit in Nichols."


"A wonderful introduction into Nichols' world, his passions, his crotchets, and his humor."

—Pat Leuchtman, Commonweeder blog

"What a great way to get a taste of one of the funniest, most remarkable, and wholeheartedly enthusiastic garden voices of the past century."

Green Prints

"Be prepared for delight as you read Rhapsody in Green — you won't want to put it down ... and you may never look at gardens in the same way again."

—Caleb Melchior, Greater Southeast Missouri Master Gardener

"These short extracts — by turns practical, philosophical, humorous, and lyrical — express the joys and frustrations of being a home gardener."

—Lori D. Kranz, Bloomsbury Review

"Nichols' eloquent yet humorous prose combined with the straitlaced nature of English gardening makes a wonderful read."

—Diana Dickinson, Country Gardens

"If you find yourself having to make a speech in which gardening is a topic, this is an exceptional and irresistible crib-sheet."

—Marilis Hornidge, Lincoln County News

About the authors

Beverley Nichols

Beverley Nichols (1898–1983) was a prolific writer on subjects ranging from religion to politics and travel, in addition to authoring six novels, five detective mysteries, four children's stories, six autobiographies, and six plays. He is perhaps best remembered today for his gardening books.

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Roy C. Dicks

Roy C. Dicks' enthusiasm for Beverley Nichols led him to create a theatrical lecture based on Nichols's life and works that he regularly delivers to garden clubs and horticultural organizations. He has assisted Timber Press with ten reprints of Nichols's books.

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