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Powerhouse Plants: 510 Top Performers for Multi-Season Beauty

By Graham Rice

Photographs by judywhite

Offers a mind-boggling number of suggestions. ... It's about making the most of the space in your garden. And that's always a good idea.

Philadelphia Inquirer

Gardeners, like everyone, are too short on time and money to waste either on plants that only look good for a few weeks. You want hardworking, eye-catching plants that provide beauty for multiple seasons.

You want powerhouse plants — plants with colorful spring flowers and summer fruits, or summer fruits and fall foliage, or summer flowers, fall foliage, and winter stems ... or any combination of two or more of these desirable features. Like flowering dogwood that boasts summer flowers and fall fruit and foliage. Or honeysuckle that has fragrant spring flowers, summer and fall foliage, and fall fruit.

Powerhouse Plants by Graham Rice features multiseasonal perennials, annuals, groundcovers, vines, shrubs, and trees. Profiles include basic plant information, such as size, hardiness, and preferred growing conditions. With this indispensable guide in hand, you can leave the slacker plants behind and get the most from your money and landscape.

Media reviews

"Hundreds of photographs illustrate his ideas but also encourage readers to look a little closer at every plant in their garden and insist that each one earn its place."

Better Homes & Gardens Deck, Patio & Outdoor Living

"Concise care and habit information is augmented by captivating color photographs by judywhite that showcase these hardworking, must-have garden standouts."


"Learn about ... how to choose hardworking plants that provide garden interest, in some cases, from spring through winter."

Norfolk Virginian-Pilot

"The author does an excellent job. ... Overall, this is a handy A-to-Z overview of a variety plants from grasses to trees."

Library Journal

"Promises to be an abiding reference for year-round gardeners."

Garden Design

"Offers a mind-boggling number of suggestions. ... It's about making the most of the space in your garden. And that's always a good idea."

Philadelphia Inquirer

About the author

Graham Rice

Graham Rice is a distinguished international garden writer and is unique in having won three awards for his writing in the USA, as well as three in the UK. Trained at the prestigious Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, he is editor-in-chief of the American Horticultural Society's Encyclopedia of Perennials and the author of more than twenty books, and he runs the Royal Horticultural Society's New Plants blog as well as his Transatlantic Gardener blog.

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